Oromo Refugees No Longer Safe in Somalia

January 16, 2007 by: Africa Speaks

Oromo Relief Association (ORA)
The detention, displacement and lynching of Oromo refugees in Somalia

January 13, 2007 Over the last four decades thousands of Oromos who fled from successive repressive regimes in Ethiopia have sought refugee in Somalia. Some of them have settled successfully among the Somali population and many others continue to live in refugee camps. After the collapse of the central Somali state and the subsequent withdrawal of the diplomatic community and UN agencies, the security and wellbeing of these refugees as well as the Somali people have been in grave danger. Many were killed, robbed and displaced by armed groups. Several were caught in the crossfire and lost their lives and livelihood.

Recent changes under TPLF-occupied Somalia have aggravated the already abysmal situation of these refugees. The Tigrean-led minority government of Ethiopia is persecuting these same refugees who had fled from the gruesome atrocities committed under its administration. Refugees have become target of a witch-hunt by the invading Ethiopian army as well as some warlords. Last week a young Oromo refugee was lynched in Jowhar by gangs of soldiers affiliated with the warlord Mohamed Dheere. To make matters worse, over 40 Oromo refugees have been detained, a few in Puntland, and delivered to the occupying TPLF troops.

The Oromo Relief Association (ORA) is extremely troubled by these sad incidents and concerned about the plight of the many refugees in Somalia. While condemning these barbaric and short-sighted actions, we extend our gratitude to the brotherly people of Somalia for their courage in protecting these helpless refugees and urge the international community to take immediate action to save their lives. Likewise, we urge the TFG and Puntland authorties to guaruantee respect for the rights of refugees.

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Ethiopian troops hunt down Oromo refugees in Somalia
Ethiopian occupation troops in Somalia are reportedly hunting down Ethiopian Oromo refugees living in the country. Allied Somali militias are also said to be abducting Oromos and handing them over to Ethiopian troops for reward money. Ethiopian forces in Somalia are reportedly claiming that the refugees are all members of the Oromo rebel forces fighting the Ethiopian government.

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    It seems like coraption of this world is getting worse. What we can do is pray for JAH JAH to give us mercy, love and to lead us to rightousness.

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