Tim Wise on White Privilege

August 12, 2008 by: Tyehimba

Speech by White American Tim Wise……..who says that the problem is not exclusively, the far right, the neo fascists, not the skinheads, not the neo-nazis, but it is the colour-blind model of race relations that says that we should not notice black or white, but love one another, get along and sing kubayaa. He says that if we are not allowed to notice colour then we do not recognize the consequences of colour….. Decent video on white privilege that can generally be applied also to light skin privilege…The dominant theory of good race relations is colour/race-blindness which is indeed horribly flawed and racist in itself.

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  1. Ras Gideon says:

    The 28th Ordinary Session of the Southern Africa Development Commununity has been opened in the presence of all heads of states excluding the Botswana Government in South Africa 16 August 2008

    ‘The summit afford us the possibility to assist the Zimbabwean parties to finalise thier negotiations so that together they can engage the work to achieve national healing and reconciliation and attend to the matter of reconstruction and development of Zimbabwe’Said President Mbeki

    tommorrow we celebrate the earthlight of Marcus Garvey in the ligth of this august summit.

    Gavey once said , Afrika for Afrikans those at home and those abroad.

    Not yet Uhuru
    Ras Gideon
    from South Afrika

  2. Logicism says:

    I was searching around on several blogs and found this; it is funny to hear Wise speak, as you can see that he is merely regurgitating some basics he learned in some whiteness studies program that he thinks he has now mastered. There’s not an original thought in that speech.

    He also doesn’t care to mention the Catch-22 he is constructing, which not only reinscribes and reinforces essentialist and racist thought in the guise of “a critique of white privilege”, but also poses a grave threat to race relations.

    The privileged white must not enter the colorblind/postracial mindset; he must keep color in mind, or else he is merely reinforcing racism. Yet judging someone’s social value off the color of his skin is racist in and of itself, even though the only alternative is a postracial attitude. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t; the Catch-22 ensures that whites will always be the enemy. They are, in this construction, oppressive, coarse, and horrible creatures perpetuating hegemony the moment they are born into this world. Except for people like Wise, of course, who tell themselves they are free of this original sin. But his own logic betrays him–he is NOT free of it. No white can be under his system. So what is the endgame? Ah, that is one thing whiteness studies and Wise will never reasonably answer. So the hate goes on.

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