Haitians will defend their sovereignty

February 2, 2010 by: Africa Speaks

Haitians will defend their sovereignty By The Real News
Ronald Charles: This way of providing aid is a way to humiliate us and many Haitians will not accept it.

Ezili Dantò’s Message to Paul Farmer, Senate Foreign Rel. Committee, Dobbins and Francois By Ezili Danto
US Marines in HaitiFolks, an international crime is happening in Haiti, again. And none of the people coming on TV or going to Congressional hearings are willing to speak truth to power. I just watch Paul Farmer bite his tongue and allow Senator John Kerry, Chris Dodd, Bob Corker and others to talk about putting Haiti under receivership because the Haitian government is too weak to take care of its own people. What weakened the Haitian government? Wasn’t it the US, their multinateral financial institutions, their NGOs and the “private sector” they represent, that forced Haiti’s governments, since 1991, not to invest in public services? The absolute lunacy of having to listen to that hearing, particularly the second half of it, is unsupportable. Unsupportable.

Haiti: The flood (Lavalas) to break occupation By Manuel Rozental
“New Haiti” is being established on the ruins of the old Haiti: A concentration camp under military rule, where maquilas are the only option for enslaved work
The obvious is now being stated daily from different angles and perspectives and supported by strong evidence. The occupation of Haiti for transnational Capital through the US and its allies is being implemented. Aid is a political, geo-strategic and military-terror tool with local and external impacts. On the ground, controlled starvation and despair are aimed at justifying the military presence and the racist arguments, while subduing the population to beg the uniformed masters for compassion at the expense of discipline, obedience and submission. Imagine becoming a beggar in your own country to a foreign occupation force for food, water, shelter, medical care, while having to express gratitude for the little bit that you finally get.

America’s Sad History with Haiti, Part 2 By Lisa Pease
The Haitians have a saying in their native créole language: Piti, piti, wazo fe nich li. “Little by little, the bird builds its nest.”
Freed of the powerful grip of the Duvaliers in 1986, and despite a dysfunctional system, little by little, the Haitians undertook the difficult work of rebuilding their nation into a more democratic place from within.

Haiti: No Natural Disaster By Marnie Holborow
Haiti’s devastating earthquake has made Port-au-Prince a hell-hole of human misery with some 200,000 dead and three million displaced, many seriously injured or orphaned, facing disease, amputations, hunger and dehydration. Everyone can see that practical help needs to pour into Port-au Prince. But we also owe it to the Haitian people to understand how and why it became such a human catastrophe.

Freedom is a Constant Struggle TV show: Haiti’s Heroic History
By Kiilu Nyasha
3-part interview with Pierre Labossiere on Haiti’s heroic history:
Guest, Pierre Labossiere, a Haitian national, co-founder of the Haiti Action Committee, has been a long-time social-justice activist and supporter of the Lavalas Party of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, currently exiled in South Africa. Pierre has also been active in the campaigns to free political prisoners and to demand an investigation into the kidnapping and disappearance of Haitian Human Rights Advocate, Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine in August, 2007.

Haiti after 5 centuries of genocide, slavery, isolation, colonization and globalization
By Nick Egnatz
With the devastation of the Haitian earthquake of January 12, many Americans are literally learning of Haiti for the first time. The following is an attempt to present a very brief outline of Haiti’s history: first being dominated by Spain, then France and certainly for the last two centuries the United States. The inspiration to write this came from reading and studying William I. Robinson’s Promoting Polyarchy — Globalization, US Intervention, and Hegemony. Haiti, along with the Philippines, Nicaragua and Chile are case studies examined in detail.


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    Haitians will defend their sovereignty Pt. 2 By The Real News
    Ronald Charles: After Haitian revolution, colonial oppression turned into oppression by its ruling elite

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