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    Rasta Revolution: The Cure For Acute Negro-Psychosis
    Posted on Monday, March 21 @ 15:11:39 UTC by admin

    Dread By Ras Jahaziel

    As a people who not only have been robbed of our land but also robbed of our soul, the first priority on the pathway of liberation has to be REDISCOVERY OF SELF. Failure to rediscover self means that we will continue to play the game of life with the cards that white oppressors have craftily marked in their favor. With such cards we are bound to keep on losing, and losing, and losing, and the eventual consequence will be eternal servitude. We will only be fooling ourselves if we believe that slavery is a past tense thing that could never happen again, yet every day we continue to play with the same old deck of cards. In many cases even our very concept of right and wrong may have to be re-examined, for we have been programmed to embrace the slaver's religiously-cloaked choices, not knowing that the man who was saving our souls was saving them to be devoured by his next of kin. The safest attitude to adopt is that THE SLAVER IS ALWAYS WRONG UNTIL PROVEN RIGHT. Nothing that comes from the big house should be casually digested without thorough examination to see if it has been treated with slow poison.

    In the process of REDISCOVERING SELF we must inevitably become more creative, because rediscovering self really means rediscovering our own inner God who is the head of all creation.

    If you think you have found "God" but haven't found The Creator within, then you have found a false God. The nation that has found the true "God" will blossom and abound with righteous creativity, and in so doing will prove themselves ready for true liberation and Black royalty.

    I would say that we as a people are very much like the proverbial Genie. Our true genius has been locked down in a bottle on Hell plantation, and now in the twenty-first century we have found ourselves stumbling from job to job, to job, only knowing how to follow orders. Lacking in self-confidence and self-belief, we therefore find ourselves lacking in unity. It should be quite obvious by now that the deep spell must now be broken before the second phase of the auction block is reopened.

    Everything that binds our hands to the slaver's plough must therefore be analyzed. The truth is that everything that we need and want is in the hands of the slaver who, therefore, is able to yoke us with A COST OF LIVING that demands continued servitude. Our deliverance therefore hinges on our ability to creatively develop VITAL products and also equip ourselves with VITAL SKILLS. Therein lies the pathway to the resurrection of our royal destiny. Unless this pathway is embraced with the utmost urgency, no amount of talking and philosophizing will help to change things, and our totally vulnerable and dependent situation will even continue to worsen.

    The TRUE RASTA MIND is therefore seeking VISION, CREATIVITY, AND INITY as a means of achieving ECONOMIC SELF-SUFFICIENCY.

    In a time when economic vulnerability is being used by the enemy to bend servant peoples down to lowness and depravity, it should not be so hard to see why SPIRITUAL INTEGRITY is very much connected to economic self-sufficiency. In other words, the development of THE RASTA ECONOMY is the only way to avoid THE MARK OF THE BEAST.

    Therefore, the first challenge before the Rasta nation, and it comes before Repatriation or Reparations, is one of developing the Rasta product to its full potential and the Rasta potential to its fullest possibility. This involves using our minds and high inspiration to CREATE VITAL PRODUCTS, and then building the network of INITY to market such products. Let us not forget though, that moral integrity has to grow at the same pace, because if we cannot find Inity in our own house we will not be able to find it in the village or the Nation.

    The second challenge is to RESURRECT within our people, starting first with the Rasta nation, that level of CONSCIOUSNESS that will support such products and make them successful. If this goal is not achieved, the nation as a whole will remain in bondage whether repatriated or un-repatriated. A level of consciousness has to be developed that recognizes the realness of our inter-connectivity. Every Rasta business that survives and succeeds inevitably has a positive impact on the Nation's welfare as a whole. Benefit to the group is guaranteed when individuals maintain their integrity and are also held to some measure of accountability.

    Resurrecting this level of awareness has always proved to be the biggest challenge, for it means eradicating a certain sickness called ACUTE NEGRO PSYCHOSIS that has been plaguing our people for a very long time. This sickness makes our people slow, reluctant, apathetic, always making excuses, never have money to support your own, but will go to every extent to find money to buy from the slave master. When will we wake up and be healed from this sickness that prevents us from seeing that investing in your own is the beginning of greatness, and investing in the man who enslaved you leads towards your own re-enslavement?

    Under the influence of ACUTE NEGRO PSYCHOSIS, one will hypocritically claim to be supportive of AN ELDER'S FUND, but never, ever support the creative talent of The Elders when they are yet in their prime. Back in the village the old people would say "You have a bad mind for your own." This is the attitude where you would ignore the living and shed crocodile tears for the dead. You would not lift a hand to support a brother's works while he is around and kicking, in fact you subconsciously hope they will fail, but if you hear that he or she is sick and enfeebled, you would grudgingly send GIFTS OF PITY while talking in secret about how "He is at fault for his own condition." This is THE NEGRO in the subconscious that has to be burned out. Hottah fyah!

    All that has been said above concerning this mental sickness called ACUTE NEGRO PSYCHOSIS is the result of a long ongoing process where as an African you have been cultured by means of terrorism and brainwashing into hating yourself and hating your own. This situation cannot be reversed until we as a people come to realize that the slave master imposed and is still imposing A VISUAL IMAGE on our consciousness that is designed to destroy the victims... or cause them to self-destruct.

    Over the centuries, Michael Angelo's Jesus has morphed into the present-day Hollywood "STAR," but the same result is being achieved...The Black youth is still being fed A VISUAL IMAGE of greatness, goodness, beauty, dominion, mastery, and superiority that is in no way his or her own. Black women in straightened, blonde heads, Black youths disrespecting and killing one another are just pathologies that come with worshiping the slave master's image and hating your own.

    Everywhere in the Black world, north, south, east, or west, the Black youth are being breast fed on this same pathological sickness. Under its influence, the victim of robbery worships and adores The Robber, and the rape victim lovingly fondles The Rapist. These are the tragic consequences that befall the victims of robbery when they are given a version of history that paints robbery as "DISCOVERY," When a people's historical consciousness has been broken, they become like relay runners who have dropped the baton and are unable to further compete. Such people are restricted to an observer role in history, while slave masters arrange the circumstances of their daily lives according the whims and fancies of their own cold humanity.

    "THE LAMENTATIONS OF MOTHER EARTH" is a product of Rastafari Visions, designed to correct this psychological dysfunction that is presently leading to collaborative genocide.

    Every conscious African will equip him or herself with this educational tool, knowing that the battle today is for the minds of the people, and we have to equip ourselves with those tools which can be driven like a spike deep into the heart of The Evil Vampire. This video is available in DVD and VHS formats. Bring others to your living room and watch it as a group. Sit with your children and watch it, then explain to them every scene that parades before their eyes. Keep it in your video library which you should be developing as a conscious African who knows that there are very few educational tools available (in VISUAL media) that can help to cure the sickness of Acute Negro Psychosis. The time has now come when we will not be able to blame the youth any longer, but we will have to blame ourselves for the apathy that prevents us from rising up to meet the needs of RE-EDUCATION. Unless you are contented with watching The Vulture devour the minds of our youth, you will avail yourself of every EDUCATIONAL TOOL that The Head Creator has placed at our disposal in this time. It will only be a new day if we develop the attitudes that make it a new day.

    For more information on The Video, check

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