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Title: Mad rush for gold
Post by: Nakandi on March 01, 2015, 07:31:10 AM
"About three weeks ago in Nakudi village, Banda Sub-county, Namayingo District, mourners dug a grave to bury their loved one. However, they came across rocks they believed to be gold in the grave. They closed it and dug another one, several kilometres away but they discovered traces of the precious mineral there too.

“Some people who came to dig the grave were gold miners from Tiira gold mining area in Sikuda, Busia District. They told us our area had huge gold deposits lying on the surface,” Stephen Wandera, the chairman of Nakudi mining area, told Daily Monitor last week.
He said after that day, [January 16], news of the gold discovery spread like wildfire, and soon the fortunes of the little unknown village of Nakudi changed from being an area known for small-scale farming and fishing, to a mining area." (