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Title: Murder and Mayhem in Palestine and Yemen
Post by: Ayinde on August 25, 2018, 06:24:16 PM
If the killings in Palestine and Yemen were carried out by North Korea, Russia, or any other country that is not an ally of the US and the UK, they would be condemned and possibly faced with sanctions. Other countries would face sanctions for trading with them. Those who supplied the weapons would also be deemed complicit in murder and terrorism. If the people who are being killed were White, we would probably be in World War 3!  But the US, the UK, Israel and Saudi Arabia can get away with murder and mayhem, either directly or by supplying weapons. Most of us unwittingly aid and abet their atrocities by our failure to act and by our financial and otherwise support for them. --Ayinde

Less Than 24 Hours After Senate Rejected Effort to Curb Slaughter, 26 More Children Killed by US-Backed Bombing in Yemen (
By Jon Queally - August 25, 2018
"These deaths are on our hands, and many more children will die in Yemen as long as the U.S. supports the Saudi-led war."


Massacring Palestinians with Impunity  (
By Daniel Larison On May 14, 2018
Israeli forces have been using excessive and illegal force against unarmed protesters for weeks, but this is the worst that it has been so far this year. There is no excuse for killing unarmed protesters, and there is no justification for wounding–and sometimes crippling–unarmed people with live ammunition.