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Title: The REAL Eve
Post by: sisMenenI on February 16, 2004, 12:34:35 PM
The Real Eve is a recently done documentary done by Discovery Channel... It is less than 2 hours long and ties all of humanity back to the same root, that of a tribe in East Africa. Showing the original tribe with the darkest black African features and how the spreading of the people to distant lands once they became nomadic and were forced to move by weather conditions causing different races to emerge. This film is amazing. I believe they play it on the discovery channel, but for ones like me that don't have telivision, The Real Eve is at video rental shops.
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Title: The REAL Eve - DVD & Book
Post by: Ayinde on February 17, 2004, 12:47:12 PM
The Real Eve: Modern Man's Journey Out of Africa (

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DVD Description

Who was "the real Eve"? What did she really look like, where did she live, how did the human race truly come to be? Travel back in time as Danny Glover narrates this fascinating look into the past to fined the very beginnings of the human race. Through exclusive access to the very latest DNA reconstructions and cutting edge technology, scientists can now for the first time conclusively answer the where, when and how's of this mysterious woman-mother to us all.

The Real Eve: Modern Man's Journey Out of Africa
by Stephen Oppenheimer (

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Book Description

Out of one, and only one, major exodus from Africa 150,000 years ago by migratory African ancestors was the entire non-African world in all its racial and cultural diversity ultimately populated-so argues Stephen Oppenheimer in this groundbreaking volume that has stirred heated controversy among authorities in geology, linguistics, archaeology, and anthropology. Thoroughly researched and meticulously argued, with dramatic evidence garnered from recent advances in the field of genetics through DNA analysis, Oppenheimer traces the evolution of modern humankind out of a common African ancestry. For again and again, Oppenheimer's extensive genealogical research, based on our gender-specific so-called Adam and Eve genes, has led him straight back to Africa and placed him in direct opposition to the multiregionalists. Whereas they maintain that archaic human populations, like the Neanderthals in Europe and Homo erectus in the Far East, evolved locally into the races we know today, Oppenheimer establishes that European Neanderthals, for instance, are not ancestors of modern humans but cousins who have stemmed from the same African root. Unsettling long-established anthropological and cultural assumptions-and prejudices-Oppenheimer's provocative exploration of our human origins provides a fresh new perspective on the nature of the human destiny that all of us share.

Title: Re: The REAL Eve
Post by: Oshun_Auset on February 17, 2004, 02:21:13 PM
It was a good show...BUT they left out one crucial fact. They didn't show that a combination of the African/Australian phenotypical type reached the Americas prior to the Asiatic peoples, which has been proven by skelatol records and reconstruction in Brazil(Africans skeletons 40,000 years old were found in Brazil) as well as South American rock art which depicts the African type fighting, and being overrun by the Asiatic type(which coincidentaly was the subject on another Discovery show that predates this one)...I haven't quite come to a conclusion(besides obvious racism) why they left this information out, since they were obviousely aware of this information far prior to making "The Real EVE"...Otherwise it was good.

Title: Re: The REAL Eve
Post by: Ayinde on February 17, 2004, 04:45:10 PM
Ancient hearth tests carbon dating (

If my memory serves me right scientist did not agree on the carbon dating method used on that find, although it is very possible that early Africans entered South America around that time if not earlier. There are ocean currents that allow boats to drift to South America especially if they drifted from West Africa.

But then again the western portion of South America was uninhabitable for a while as it was mostly swamp area. (when I have some time I would check the dates on this) The eastern portion with the mountain ridges was the safer bet to find some early humans (around the Andes).  But certainly when ocean levels were lower around 75 thousand years ago it would have been quite possible.

The art depicted in the article linked above seems to be quite similar to what was being produced around 40,000 years ago though.

I rather suspect that this info was left out because they could not agree on the date for that particular find.