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Title: AWOL Magazine
Post by: gman on April 02, 2004, 10:20:05 AM
I highly recommend people check out AWOL, it is a revolutionary magazine put out by some people I know in Philly. They get some financial help from the American Friends Service Committee (Quakers) but the AFSC does not determine the content in any way whatsoever. As the name suggests the focus is on anti-militarism, in fact it was conceived as an attempt to stop youth of color from joining the US military and helping those who already have, to get out of it. However it covers many other topics as well. Each issue contains a CD of revolutionary music, it leans towards hip-hop but includes all kinds of music, reggae, rock, ska, folk, various indigenous musics, etc. etc. Anyone with a revolutionary mindset is welcome to contribute articles, artwork, and/or songs for the CD. AWOL also REALLY needs distributors, i.e. people who want to order copies in bulk at a discounted rate, then get them out to stores, people on the street, what have you. There's no corporate backing or advertising obviously, so that's the only way the magazine gets in the hands of the people who need to read/listen to it. Check them out and show your support: