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Title: Black Blood
Post by: Poetic_Princess on April 14, 2004, 08:31:25 AM
They keep telling me that they come in peace
But all they talk about is the war that they fight
Their consciousness will never let them ease
So I tell them that this war aint mine

The story begins...
With a time where our great-grandmothers fought the cold nights

Waiting patiently, but anxiously,
Like the cattle about to be slaughtered
So that they too could shed their blood
As their husbands had and will do
In the hope that their loved ones wounds would not let them die
Fighting in honor of the star spangled America Dream.
The new home
The new path to Freedom,
A life free of such hardship
That their forefathers had bore before them
Where they could walk colorless streets and not be judged
Where their children could drink form the eternal springs of
Their fortunes...
And be lost in dreams that would be brought home
From their soldiers who gallantly trenched the fields and defended white-bloodied
Shattered bodies.....
Visions of how they would stand with heads held high
And would shed tears filled with joyous cries
Proud women that they would be,
Upon the return of their ships that were set sail to sea
They too would give their blood in honor of their men
So that wounds could be healed while defending their new found home...

But dreams, oh how dreams are so easily lost, taken and stripped away
To the very core, and no longer bearing fruits of a future that no longer would be no more
Within these hopes – a truth is unlocked,
there must come a realization that all things come with a cost.

Waiting, patiently, like the cattle to a slaughter
So that they too could shed their blood

Only to be told "We don't take Negro blood here"
"We do not take Negro blood here"

Yes they had heard right -
Not only were their men engaged in their own war
But now they too had their own fight

There were cries of “when my baby lays down to die
What blood will you give him so that he can survive?”

You see there comes a time when an order is broken and FREEDOM takes on a different suitor
Our great-great-grandfathers,
Our fathers
Our black soldiers,
Our husbands,
and brothers
Who traveled from far and distant continents to fight and defend the American honor
Were sent to a war
A war that was not EVEN their war
This somehow did not seem right
Black blood was good enough then,
Even for the white

*written by my friend Keimar*

Title: Re: Black Blood
Post by: out_of_Zion on April 14, 2004, 08:51:17 AM
Tell Keimar he's an excellent writer - reminds me of Langston Hughes

Title: Re: Black Blood
Post by: Poetic_Princess on April 14, 2004, 09:21:50 PM
He is very gifted indeed, he send his uttermost thanks

Blessings out_of_Zion