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Title: Cell Phone Calls - From a Plane? - listen good!
Post by: iyah360 on August 09, 2004, 10:39:17 AM

Miracles and Wonders  

By Alan Cabal

MIRACLES AND WONDERS Last week, USA Today reported a joint effort between Qualcomm and American Airlines' to allow passengers to make cellphone calls from aircraft in flight. According to the story, the satellite-based system employs a "Pico cell" to act as a small cellular tower.

"It worked great," gushed Monte Ford, American Airline's chief information officer. "I called the office. I called my wife. I called a friend in Paris. They all heard me great, and I could hear them loud and clear."

Before this new "Pico cell," it was nigh on impossible to make a call from a passenger aircraft in flight. Connection is impossible at altitudes over 8000 feet or speeds in excess of 230 mph.

Yet despite this, passengers Todd Beamer, Mark Bingham, Jeremy Glick and Edward Felt all managed to place calls from Flight 93 on the morning of September 11. Peter Hanson, en route to Disneyland with his wife and daughter, phoned his dad from Flight 175. Madeline Amy Sweeney, a flight attendant, made a very dramatic call from Flight 11 as it sped to the North Tower. Barbara Olson made two calls, collect, to her husband at his government office from Flight 77 as it made its way to the Pentagon.

Each call was initially reported as coming from a cellphone. Later, when skepticism reared its ugly head and the Grassy Knollers arrived, the narrative became fuzzy; it was suggested that $10-a-minute Airfones were involved. Olson was an easy candidate for Airfone (one doesn't call collect from a cell), but as the stories developed, Olsonóand Feltówere said to have called from inside locked lavatories. No Airfone there. . . "

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Title: Re: Cell Phone Calls - From a Plane? - listen good
Post by: Oshun_Auset on August 09, 2004, 11:19:23 AM
I see today is the day to shine a light upon ancient and modern conspiracies to control mankind...thanks Yeefon and Iyah360 ;)

I'm reffering to Yeefon's multiple posts on X-ianity's origins...