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Title: The Colored Section
Post by: preach on September 12, 2004, 04:35:38 PM
Has anyone ever heard of this cat from ATL named Donnie who released an album entitled, The Colored Section.          (forgive me if this is not the title) I listened to his album in brief at a record store (yes I still call them record stores) about a year ago. He is a phenomenal singer who I dare to put in the pseudo neo-soul category because his voice is so pure. Since becoming an admirer I haven't heard a single thing about him since. Is anyone in the know?

Title: Re: The Colored Section
Post by: erzulie on September 12, 2004, 10:44:00 PM
yes, Donnie is a wonderful proBlack soul singer in the old soul tradition. his album is incredibly powerful, his poetic and rich lyrics cover topics such as loving Black beauty/ Black hair, the promblematics of the Black buying power in the white supremacist capitalism, Black love, Black music, hypocrisy and judgement, spirituality and hopefulness, sung with passion and to fly music as well. given his seriousness and integrity and the fact he is darkskinned and nappy haired, i would assume he won't be played much if at all on the radio or video mainstream stations. though dj's in NYC were spinning his music at Afrocentric parties like crazy last year. if you can afford it, you should buy his album, which is titled the Colored Section, its excellant and uplifting. Cloud 9, the song that honors Black hair in its natural state is one of my anthems! i know he was touring last summer(2003), i never caught his show, but my friends tell me he is great live as well.

Title: Re: The Colored Section
Post by: preach on September 14, 2004, 08:58:16 PM
For a hot minute they were playing his song, the new national anthem on one of the commercials on BET. I will eventually get his album when I catch up on the other music I need to buy. By the way you know who I think is phenomenal, as I am listening to it at this very moment, Tracy Chapman. I think she is beautiful.