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Title: Afro-Puerto Rican Rapper Tego Calderon...
Post by: Oshun_Auset on January 18, 2005, 12:49:11 PM
Afro-Puerto Rican Rapper Tego Calderon Dissed by P. Diddy (

Tego Calderon is an Afro-Puerto Rican Reggaeton artists who is very much into Black pride amongst Latinos in throughout the Diaspora. He is not willing to sellout the way some American Hip Hop artists have. Hope you all find this interesting!

Tego Calderon Mad At P. Diddy
Tuesday - January 18, 2005
by Carl Chery

After learning of Sean John's alleged involvement in Central America sweatshops, Reggaeton star Tego Calderon recently passed on P. Diddy's offer to appear in the company's Spring Collection ad campaign.

"I heard about the human rights violations in his clothing factories in Central America but frankly there was more," Calderon told the New York Post. "Me faltó el respeto, [he dissed me] with his offer. I just did a $75,000 commercial in Puerto Rico with Nydia Caro. Someone like Puffy could have offered more than $2,000 — but again, it wasn't about the money. I was not persuadable. It was about the principle."

While Tego kept his integrity by refusing the offer, he's disappointed that some of his colleagues, like Daddy Yankee, accepted. The promotional ad includes a billboard in Times Square and spots on MTV and VH1.

"It's the principle. I don't think he [Puffy] knows what I am about. What hurts me the most is that my colleagues accepted the offer [to do the ad campaign], thinking that it was a great opportunity. This was about respecting us, and what we do," Calderon explained. "Forgive me, but I don't need Time Square, I don't need a billboard. I am not trying to conquer white Middle America. I already won the hearts and respect of those I wanted to win — mi gente Latina, my people, the street, my black brothers and sisters."

Since appearing on tracks with Terror Squad and Noreaga, Calderon's buzz has been spreading through the nation. Despite countless offers from major labels, Tego, who is presently working on a new CD, will only accept distribution from a major.

"I ain't trying to be no employee, I have worked too hard to build what I have. He added that, to the chagrin of his entire crew, he will only accept a distribution deal (with a major label). I've never been a good employee. I don't like anyone telling me what to do. Yup, I will lose millions ... but I keep my freedom," Tego revealed.

"I can't say in my songs one thing, and then personally be about something else. Now that someone is offering me some change, I'm going to go against the principles that my viejos (parents) taught me? Nah."

The National Labor Committee, which supervises apparel working conditions in Third World countries discovered that Diddy's Honduras shops violated basic human and workers rights in 2003.

"The Honduras situation was horrific. They were giving young women pregnancy tests every month, locking bathrooms all day, no health insurance, and verbally and sometimes physically abusing them," Labor Committee leader Charles Kernaghan told the Post. "To his credit, Mr. Combs transformed the Setisa [Honduras] factory. He deserves enormous praise. But that victory could have been extended. He chose to clean up and stop at one."

On the other hand, Diddy refuted any claims that his line violated human and workers rights in a statement.

"Sean John has long had very strict policies with which all of its vendors are required to comply. Our compliance team inspects and certifies all of our factories around the globe. We have absolutely zero tolerance for non-compliance with our policies."

Title: Re: Afro-Puerto Rican Rapper Tego Calderon...
Post by: gman on January 18, 2005, 01:09:46 PM
Respect to Tego Calderon for that.
Anyone who likes Cypress Hill, Tego is on their latest album (so is Damian Marley)- the best Cypress Hill in some time in my opinion.