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Title: Juke Box Journalism
Post by: Yann on January 28, 2005, 08:35:57 AM
Juke Box Journalism
Shilling for Bush


January 27, 2005

It seems clear now that the disclosure that two syndicated right-wing columnists were paid shills of the Bush administration posing as journalists is really just the tip of a grimy iceberg.

With the admission by Armstrong Williams that he had pocketed a cool $240,000 to pimp in his columns for the Bush's "No Child Left Behind" program, and by Maggie Gallagher that she'd taken $21,500 to pimp for Bush's "support for marriage" initiative (sexism is alive and well in the Bush White House when it comes to bribes), comes word that the administration has been spending $88 million on PR for its various schemes.  Full Article (