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Title: Artificial Highs
Post by: Bantu_Kelani on August 05, 2003, 05:00:56 AM
Another UNIVERSOUL piece. A real strong message, it is really needed in this time of confusion...



We get high
High off of artificial elements
that represent the intelligence
and evidence of the negligent
that control us like slaves
Who need us to behave like
zombies so that
they can continue to rule
the masses
We are the fools
who walk in schools
with cell phones
Drones who cannot
think for ourselves
or act alone

We get high
High of Americana
and the drama of the
nightly news
Scared and confused
Abused by the media
time after time
But we love that high
that they send through
undetectable waves
We are being sent to
our graves unknowing
and uncaring
blind and unkind

We get high off of
TV ads that drag
and brag about
big, shiny SUVs
flat screen TVs
the latest DVDs
sexy hunks and
bikini wearing hotties on MTV
the newest video
by such and such on BET
who's doing who on
"reality TV"
but not off of the smiles,
the successes, the happiness,
and the progression of you and me

We're smokin' poison
through America's pipe dream
Being fed lies as the powers
that be continue to scheme
While our children die and scream
Because they see the truth
behind the purple haze
that has us in a constant daze
But most of them are drugged
and silenced by Prozac and Valium
Unable to help us shake free from
the bondage of artificial highs

Christopher D. Sims a.k.a. UniverSouL
All rights reserved