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Title: skincolor? no more significance
Post by: tidjani on August 05, 2003, 10:56:05 PM

rastafari- Inity, Iquality, justice!!
these three words express the nyabhinghi way of life.
regarding these words every person can be a rasta (if he feels it), black, white, red, yellow, blue, does not matter. and every person is treated equaly and fairly.
humanity was  born in africa. so every person in the world is african-Inity. but this is not the case. humanity is not uniting, its spreading apart, more and more. nobody realises that africa is the mother of humanity. especially white people.
which brings me to Iquality.
why are there still so many racists?? (i parttime grew up in europe, and there racism is big!!!!!) some people hate me only because i have "black" friends and dreadlocks. and because there are so many racists (also in the government!!!!), "blacks" are not being treated equaly fairly (justice) with whites. and because of that "blacks" are getting bitter!! so they build up hate against  whites and dont accept them anymore (for example white rastas).
i am white. i grew up in california, where there are alot of african-american. (california is the only state in the us where whites are a minority) i know more blacks than whites.  
so if i write about a "racist activity"  its expiriense.
i lived in europe for a few years. and there i had a hard time. because there are so many racists.  they hated me only because i have black friends and dreadlocks.
..."need blackness to be rasta...." (capleton)  
he did not mean skincolor, he ment the interior.
there are still alot of racists out there, and everytime i meet one i get angrier and angrier!!!!!!!!!

FIGHT RACISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

peace, love and Inity..........jah bless

Title: Re: skincolor? no more significance
Post by: selassieilive on August 06, 2003, 08:32:44 AM
The first thing that comes out of a white person's mouth when asked if they are racist is : "Well I have black friends." Having black friends is not the same experience as being a black person in a white dominated society.  Look at the hippies from the 60's who were all anti-establishment, naturalists who were always talking of peace and love for all people.  Many of them today are cleanshaven, suit and tie CEO's of major corporations who perpetuate the things that they were supposively against as youths.  The white skin priviledge allowed them to shave, put on Babylon business attire, and blend right back into mainstream society.  A typical black person is not able to do such things and obtain such positions if they so desired.  Ras Tafari dont need another white person coming in trying to tell InI what to think and how to think about it.  InI cant forget historical and current persecution of non-white people all over the globe.  InI cant forget the racism that InI have to deal with on a daily basis.  No justice, No peace.  There is no other way around it.  Babylon must fall!  

I just have one suggestion.  Go back to your family, coworkers, and the few white friends that u have and teach them about the corruption of their own and the sufferation of Afrika because of their own.  Jah knows InI dont need a reminder.  Who feels it knows it.


Title: Re: skincolor? no more significance
Post by: tidjani on August 06, 2003, 09:04:15 AM
do you want to say im a racist?? im not!!!
im not one of those people : " Mmmhhh.....well....i know a black person..."
i believe in rastafari, and i try to bring the teachings of his majesty closer to white and black.

fight racism!!!!!!
peace, love and Inity.........jah bless

Title: Re: skincolor? no more significance
Post by: iyah360 on August 06, 2003, 10:26:33 AM

you say:
"i believe in rastafari"

what does the I mean?

Title: Re: skincolor? no more significance
Post by: Dredi on August 06, 2003, 02:32:50 PM
Greetings in the name of the Most High!

Yail, my name is Dredi and I reside in the heart of the beast UK, to the breda that open the post, greetings and love!, yes skin color does matter, but only before a man accepts Rastafari. After Rastafari a man becomes Hue-man and is dealt with thru his spirit and deeds and if him hold true to this, a man is now Hue-man and is no longer a slave to the beast race concisiousness but the truth.

"Until the colour of a man's skin is of no more significance than the colour of his eyes"

Peace and Love

Title: Re: skincolor? no more significance
Post by: nmichele on August 06, 2003, 02:40:32 PM
you ask the question, "why are there so many racists?" our examination of race, racism, and the like, we must remember that racist acts are vastly different from racism, at its truest.  The problem is that most whites, and many blacks, i would argue, reduce racism to "not liking black folks" or calling someone a nigger or honkey...therein lies the problem...the key here is examining structural and institutional racism and how whites benefit from the privilege it provides...

just food for thought...nm

Title: Re: skincolor? no more significance
Post by: natty_dread on August 07, 2003, 03:19:04 AM
The only way I feel racism is going to fall is if we grow up with people of all diferent colour skin around us i.e black with red with yellow with white. I remeber at my primary school there were no black people and when i saw a black person at the age of 5 i wondered what he was, why was he black. As i grew up and was able to think for myself i knew racism was completly absured. Im now 15 and at my work experiance i went to a primary school and they were drawing pictures, i got bored so i decided to draw one too. I drew a white man then a black man the black man was considerably better drawn i dont know why but it just was, i asked the child who was seven which one is better he said the white man because i dont like black people for which i realised there were no black people in that primary school  and because he had not been exposed to black people something which in grantham is a rarity to see black people he could not understand that white and black and yellow red, what ever colour are just the same with a different permenant clothing.   We must grow up knowing equality. I spoke to some people on holiday about racism in london they said they hear of more abuse from black to white than white to black i just say its what within that makes someone a colour but not by their skin and why is black associated with bad because of racism.

Title: Re: skincolor? no more significance
Post by: Zhindzi on March 04, 2008, 12:04:21 PM
I just wanted to write about my experience here as I think
it is important no to exclude ones of white descent simply for that reason

InI mother told me as I grew that 'colour of skin does not mean anything'
'that we are all the same' and such like
And yet when InI try to reason with this same wombman
When she is telling me her friend went to certain country and didnt like it because
the people she saw were 'violent'
I told her that europeans were very violent throughout history
this she did not want to listen to and went on to say
something like were not lazy I work with 'em'
'Em' meaning African people

She doesnt mind Black people who adhere to the system
but she talks badly of African people

Now a one who stads up and says RasTafari is the King of Kings
To me is clearly not racist
And experiencing what InI have I would apprecilove people to stop
tearing InI down for InI colour of skin
All those who defend the system hate white ones who love MOTHER AFRICA
This website is a refuge
Love and Honour
Haile Bless

Title: Re: skincolor? no more significance
Post by: Gema on March 05, 2008, 10:23:17 AM
You see people, skin color is not only thing tht you must fight, there is one more thing that you must fight and tht is hatred agenst other nationalities, see I come from Serbia (have on this page KOSOVO) tht is a part of my country and some world forces do not like that and wnth to take Kosovo for there own so they brodcast nationality hatred some agenst my own people and my people against non Serbian people on Kosovo.So in this world there is so much anger and hatred that it is not necesery to be a diferent color or bold or long hare or any other deferences to hate ich other. Sistems like your own, or mine like thet hatred becouse peple of good hart and love can not unite in a fight agenst evil forces and world domination of evil. They bring drugs and guns and exploite our lands but only thing I can do is stay on God s path and have love in my hart for every one becouse they dont knowe wth they are doing. One day we all will be judged.                                                                                  Sory my engl is no so good.

Title: Re: skincolor? no more significance
Post by: Tyehimba on March 11, 2008, 07:43:56 PM
No Colorless Rasta Movement: