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Title: Haunted Heritage and Other Stories receives 5-star rating
Post by: TempieDKing on July 17, 2006, 08:32:26 AM
Haunted Heritage and Other Stories receives 5-star rating

Reviewed by Tempie Author of Feelings

Reading this author/poet’s collection of mystifying stories and sensual poems immediately took me to another place.  A place far beyond my soul.  A place where I was challenged to feel every essence of this written- journey.  Where as a reader you make an effortless choice of either savoring the flavor of arousal or simply reading the mere words and have an insipid insatiable affect.


     It all began when I first took the sheet of paper off the typewriter on the cover and turned the page.  I too became prey of a most inviting beast that engulfed me whole. Swallowed by untainted delight not wanting to be released as each poem took hold and gripped me tightly. Shamelessly, asking where are those trees that were greenest?   Can anything be more desirable than the sun at its zenith? Feeling the flower blooming every hour against a verdure stem. .  With light illuminating their dream world she reads their favorite poems. Realizing the heart that knows depths of love may never be deceived.  Without her he is lost.


   The Haunted Heritage is the highlight story with a most exhilarating twist.  Centering around a British husband Phillip’s ordeal of taking his Dominican nurse wife Margaret back to her ginger bread fretwork homeland after being gone for seventeen years. The story unfolds as they return to find a seventy five year old caretaker Leah of African decent displaying bouts full of hostility.  The evening is hot and sticky and Margaret becomes uneasy whispering to Phillip she hears strange things.  Phillip ultimately accuses her of going mad over the spirits of the West Indies.


The author/poet writes a beautiful story line that shows that Margaret is overtaken by bouts of manic depression.  She is hailed by the town as not only being of notoriety in being a descendant of a famous writer but she too writes her own        novel,   The River Clear Revelation.


    Another story that took my fancy was, Baby in the Middle.  This story had a faint biblical abstract at its core. It is about a baby being born of a couple that after six months of their marriage the husband accepts a seven-year medical study scholarship.  He is only able to be with his wife once a year and for six months they are able to be with another.  As this story continues, the wife announces by telephone into the sixth year of marriage she is with a child.  The husband joyously receives the news only to inform the wife he has had a sperm count done and found out he could no way father a baby.  The wife frantically confesses she had been unfaithful many times with the gardener. The doctor weighs his options and suggests they adopt the baby to avoid a scandal.


All in all this is a must get book to feel, see and taste the idyllic sensual delight of life that this author/poet takes you on within the most simplistic joy ride journey ever.  I highly recommend Haunted Heritage and Other Stories by Albert Williams to be a great read for mature adults with a creative and vivid imagination.  This is a five star rating