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Title: Why Don't The People Rebel???
Post by: Head_Fiyah on July 27, 2006, 09:31:08 PM
To the afflictions
of the people
they pay no attention
hungry, poor and homeless
they are left
to fend for themselves
their lives are meaningless
socially, economically
they choose to destroy
lacking in love
it's pure unadulterated evil
their daily exchange rate
for wickedness over
good and righteousness

And ever so often
there's and upgrade
never satisfied
with the retrograde
of the software and the hardware
rapidly leaving
the mass of the community
off the cutting edge
hanging on a ledge
of uncertainty
grim past and
present - no hope
for the future
indigenous people
must maintain
their culture
essential to
forward movements
rule and order
is tradition
LOVE ye one to
the other
no more bullets
to the heart of your brother
Raspect to mother nature
and her highness Afrika

It's the incient call
to highfest in this iwah
there will be a feast
for the prodigal
to say the least
the good soon
shall also be rewarded
as he takes care
of the afflictions
of the nations
feed the hungry
protect our elders
let the infants
be care for
chant a psalm
and praise Fari.

Ashanti Tafari
Copyrighted 2006