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Title: Look to the sky and visualise...
Post by: Bukenya on May 13, 2007, 07:23:07 PM
A thought to feed the mind, may it spark light for the blind:

     Look to the sky and visualize...

A continent rich with culture
No longer victim to vultures
Those for many generations feared
The clouds having disappeared
No more soaring through the skies
Seeking flesh as do flies
I see the birth of an old father
Opening the boundaries
For opportunities to discover
A continent blooming as a flower
The water of love that may again shower
The world with that unified power
For only then strikes the hour
That we may again Tower
Our duty to the universe
To unify our interests
To that being best
For all and one
one and all
That day

When babylon Fall…

By Robin Kasozi Bukenya