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Title: The Earth Belongs to the Righteous
Post by: Ras_Joe on May 14, 2003, 11:09:12 AM
Peace and Blessings All,

   As I sat at home yesterday with the television turned on I could not help but to hear/see all the violence that is going on throughout the world. It seems as if people in this here time are losing total control of self, and more and more controlled by the negative energy of Babylon System. Reason why I feel this way is because most of the violent actions are actions that are produced by Babylon System.

But as I continued to watch I asked self, "How worst can it or will it be?" And then I prayed for all of humanity because prayer is always needed, but I feel more so in these times.

Brothers and Sisters I don't know if ones have observed but people are most definitely out of tune with reality. Most seem to be caught up in a material world that leads to an end, and that ending being an end of death and destruction.

In observing this negative behavior I have decided to spread the positive word of Jah in hopes of showing others a better way. A way that leads one to positive change which rewards one with upliftment and eternal life.

You see things must change so that humanity can see truth and live in accordance with truth. Things must change for the positive in order for INI seeds to see life in it's true sense, and overstand and embrace the laws of the Most High.

Righteous Brothers and Sisters now is the time for INI to take control not just of self but the Earth. This is Jah plan and INI Divine purpose. Even if INI contribution is small to the upliftment of humanity it helps and at lease one may be effected. Give INI life for the upliftment of humanity because it is definitely needed.

Get Up Stand Up,
Ras Joe ;)