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Title: Peace and Love-Nelly Stharre
Post by: Alyse on June 22, 2008, 03:16:16 AM
Greetings to all-
In the words of artiste Bob Marley "It takes a revolution to make a solution", Stharre is another artiste [one of my favourite female performers :)] who harbours a clear vision of justification for peace and love through her staunch rastafari impetus. This song in particular portrays Stharre's evolutionary consciousness.
Born in Dominica, she currently resides in Ethiopia where she seeks to fulfill her own prophecies of upliftment. I once read an article which commented on her album-
It stated "in this time an entertainer can either be the voice of the people, a perpetrator of hype and propaganda or a conscious analyst, whose mission is to inspire and educate all who come in contact with his or her music. As an entertainer one must accept the responsibility that comes with having the power to sway opinions, and to influence the behavior of mannerism of thousands of people through one song. Nelly Stharre music through her sophomore album "Soul Country" established as a social commentator of exceptional relevance, especially in these crucial times"

I included the url for this particular song of which I speak. (