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         Perhaps the most commonly persuasive notion of 'truth' is that which states that it lies in correspondence to the facts of any given matter. Yet, by stipulating rigid conditions whereby a true - statement be applied, then, such notion becomes unacceptable.

          Take for example the statement "Grass is green": a true statement if an only if grass is indeed green; this does not imply however, that such a statement cannot be a false in its own right but that it does not necessarily need to be 'true' before or after being stated as a fact; rather, it merely needs to be proven or conceded to such effect.

        DOES FACT = TRUE ?

         Truth is that which is in itself real, concise, definite, steadfast, and unchangeable; meaning more than real or genuine; incorruptible in terms of permanence
         Fact is that which is known; a stipulation of concession.

         The notion that does not allow the distinction of 'truth' from 'fact is in harmony with the general intellectual character of modern expression in which we think primarily as being academic.