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Title: silent is an indication of consent!
Post by: afrikanrebel06 on June 30, 2009, 10:26:57 PM
Silence Is An Indication Of Consent
By Chief Elder Osiris
You know I have notice that there are some Black people who will attempt to down play and degrade those Black people who take it upon themselves to commit self sacrificing, spend their money and be away from their family for long period of Time to be active in addressing the ills and evil of a people in control of a society that is beating the Hell out of the Life Body Living of Black people, and yet, those True Divine Black Warriors seek no accolades from Black People.
You have serious Black warriors who are committed against the maintaining of Racism and injustice in America and the world, and is doing all that they can to be informative by alerting Black people of the cunning ways of the oppressors of Black people.
It has nothing to do with ego that serve as their motivation to do the things they do to alert Black People, and for any one who condemn the action of those people with a history of kicking Black people behind, demanding our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation and an identity that we assign to ourselves, they are to be honored and respected.
When in the house of the devil you must learn the ways of the devil but never become the devil, beloved.
The Divine Black Warriors motivation is their Love for Afrika and Black people and the power of such a Mind set will not allow them to remain silent, because they know, being silent imply approval, consent of the way Black people lives are being taken advantage of and abused today.
Then you have those Black people who have resigned to believe that it is more militant to beat their chest and throwing out militant words than to be active in fighting in any way, for the Liberation of Afrika and the Black Afrikan Nation.
Only a fool among Black people will remain silent in the presence of the magnitude and intensity of the injustice that is served to Black people, and to hide in their silence is to become oh so militant Black to the point they make claim it is useless to confront the evil that slay the body and mind of Black people.
So I ask, if Black people are not to be proactive against the Racist evil that is destroying our lives, then what is the alternative approach for Black people to take?
Granted, it is very obvious that there are Negroes that have appointed themselves with the approval of the oppressors, to be the leaders and spoke persons for Black people, and they are those self appointed leaders who follow the direction of the oppressors social theorist, they who plan Black people every action and response to a prescribed social change that has been preordained by the oppressors themselves.
There is not one thing that is creative by teaching Black people that America is Black people original Home and that we have every right to be here than the oppressors do, and the self appointed approved by the oppressors, go on to teach Black people that we must seek to integrate and assimilate with Black folks oppressors, telling Black people that is the solution to the Racist problems Black people are over burden with in America, and affirmative action will get Black people respect in America.
There are also those Black self appointed Militants, so over indulging with themselves, to the point that the militancy of a Mind that is still under the control of the Human Being, give approval by their silence.
Those Black silent want to be militants, they make the claim that they do not need to go before no white man institutions to be vocal about that which is known about the oppressors, and to let them know that all Black People are not militant silent Black people, and that there are some Black people who do know what has happen to them and Damn well know who it was and is, that cause the problem that has the effect that is having the lives of Black people to be treated with the racist action of injustice.
Crying out Black power and have no desire to make it happen, is the cry of a Fool, and a fool cry all the Time and never to act.
The fool are those who criticise those Black people who are committed to doing what ever is necessary to do, in order to let the devil know that the only thing a Divine Black Warrior will settle for, is our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation and our right to an Independent Sovereign State in Afrika, with a goal of reclaiming Afrika and doing the necessary thing that will bring about a United Black Afrikan Nation in, Afrika.
Any so call Black Afrikan in America claiming to be so Black and proud and do not have the creative Mind to see the need for Black people fighting for our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, for the purpose just stated, then they are Black Afrikans in a silent mode, when it come to being serious about the Liberation of Black Afrikan people in America.
In America to remain silent concerning Reparation and to attempt to silence those Black Afrikans who are very active and vocal in letting the evil forces know that Reparation will be paid, and it must be used to Liberate not only the Children and their Enslaved Ancestors away from America, but also to Liberate Afrika and the Black Afrikans in Afrika.
Beloved, if that is not your motivation for being an advocate for Reparation, then you are not a serious advocate for Reparation, and you add up to be silent in your action for Reparation, and silence does give approval in the way that Reparation is not being addressed by some claiming to be for Reparation, but only on their term and not the term of Black Afrikans Freedom.
If you can not be vocal and active in the pursuit for your freedom, then you are silent in approving the present condition of Black Afrikan People, and your silence is a verifier of your approval of the present life living state of condition of Black people today.
 Only a fool would be in such an approving state of mind that indicate satisfaction of the present life living condition that Black Afrikans are experiencing today, as we lie when telling Black people that Obama represent the change that Black people need in America.
When ever you see and hear of other Black people criticising other Black Warriors who are active in the pursuit of their liberation, confronting any and everything that stand in their way, then know, you see and hear a foolish Black Afrikan who rather be silent when giving approval for the present condition that Black people now find ourselves in.
Since we came to be in this wretched condition together, then why in Hell do we need to get the victims of Chattel slavery permission to confront the oppressors about the injustices done to all Black people in America, they who are here by way of the Middle Passage?
 onlya fool takes part on his own death.

Title: Re: silent is an indication of consent!
Post by: EmpresKeneilwe on July 06, 2009, 08:47:19 AM
Greetings Warrior,
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