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Title: No Longer Invisible: Afro-Latin Americans Today
Post by: santeria on September 11, 2003, 12:00:37 AM
Edited by Pedro Pérez-Sarduy & Jean Stubbs

Black Latin Americans of African ancestry have historically been an oppressed and neglected minority, denied access to power, influence and material progress. Their contribution to Latin American culture and society has gone largely unacknowledged. Today, black Latin Americans are challenging their oppression, voicing pride in their African heritage and working to defend and advance their rights.

Written by activists and scholars from Latin America, North America and Europe, "No Longer Invisible: Afro-Latin Americans Today" charts the hidden history of the black Latin American experience from slavery to contemporary times. Uniquely, the book shows the contrasts and similarities between countries across the region including Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Mexico and Peru.

No Longer Invisible is recommended reading for all those interested in Latin American history, politics and culture, the African diaspora, Afro-American and black studies, racism and anti-racism.

432p, BLACK+ WHITE PHOTOGRAPHS, INDEX, BIBLIOGRAPHY published in 1995 by Minority Rights Group Publications: 379 Brixton Road, London SW9 7DE, UK

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