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Title: LUMUMBA, the Movie
Post by: Bantu_Kelani on September 12, 2003, 02:31:22 AM
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LUMUMBA, the Movie ( a History lesson based on the true story of PATRICE LUMUMBA, the first prime minister of ZAIRE (currently DRC CONGO), the movie chronicles Lumumba's stay in power, which lasted all of 2 months before his enemies Murdered him...

PATRICE LUMUMBA is an important figure in 20th century AFRICAN HISTORY, as he helped gain ZAIRE's Independence from BELGIUM and struggled to Unify the huge and RICH nation with valuable minerals and resources.

ERIQ EBOUANEY deserves high praise for his portrayal of Lumumba, and the movie is worth seeing just to see his performance! He powerfully captures the heady days of Independence but also the charisma and strength innate of Lumumba!  

PATRICE LUMUMBA, THE INDOMITABLE SON OF AFRICA once said, "[w]e are Africans and wish to remain so. We have our philosophy, our customs, our traditions, which are as noble as those of other nations. To abandon them merely to embrace those of other peoples would be to depersonalize ourselves. Our objectives . . . must be to unite and build our nation [AFRICA] through mutual understanding."

He was a GREAT man of superior Intellect and Vision. Our task is to guide our young people toward His writings and thoughts!


Title: Re: LUMUMBA, the Movie
Post by: Sa_Sutcha on October 19, 2003, 09:23:22 PM
This movie is one that must be seen.  Though it is in French and accompanied by English subtitles, the message is still profound and very powerful.  Aluta...The struggle continues on. Give thanks for Patrice Lumumba.

Title: Re: LUMUMBA, the Movie
Post by: Kebo on October 19, 2003, 09:56:16 PM

I saw Lumumba when it first came out. As a movie it was boring. Too much talking, too much talking. Not enough fire, tension and action.

The power, money and zest that's invested into hip-hop music videos could be put behind movies like Lumumba. The stories of real black leaders have enough potential to be exciting movies. This could only get the message of these leaders to reach further.

I'll bet that the real Lumumba was cooler and more exciting than he was portrayed in the movie.