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Title: "Fire" Ode to the Black Man
Post by: SistaOracle on August 06, 2009, 07:35:56 PM
Fire, fire is what I feel for you.
Fire, fire, quench this raging buring thirst,
Aflame within me.
Feel my total, my essence right down
to my souls depths.

Fire, fire, can you see my desire.
Feel my funk, reach deep and caress my membrane.
Reaching the grey, share my pain
For it's the same -

Fire, fire, tell me you love me and
mean it Black Man.
Evalutate my want, connect with my need,
Select the best, discard the rest,
Giving me the best of your

Fire, fire, Communicate your Intelligence,
Thoughts, fears and silliness,
Via those luscious sensuous peaches of yours.
Fleshy, full of sweetness,
Nectar of the gods; lips of deliciousness
and a myraid of other naughtiness.

Fire, fire, forget the clenched fist I bruise tooo easy,
Dimiss the dis' for there is no trouble
Yu and i can't and haven't walked through.
Talk to me, then gimme a kiss
On my neck or back I'll even show
You the secret spot.

Fire, fire, then when we reach a
Compromise I'll open up my lotus wings, so
You may worship in my Ebony.
Black and Blue, I promise
You'll like it.
Cause you'll be feelin the fire of my paradise.
Embellish so we may make
An eden out our Love that's
Hot - Like Fire.