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Title: Africa drafted its declaration on the rights of man in 1236
Post by: Iniko Ujaama on August 15, 2009, 07:22:46 AM
This apparently is more than a year old "news" but I appreciated it much when it came to me so I sharing it here. I also got a copy of the translated document which I will also share. These seems to be a reaffirmation of much older values which may have become necessary to restate given the situations of the times.

“Africa drafted its declaration on the rights of man in 1236”           
Thursday, 24 July 2008

“All human beings have the right to life and the preservation of their physical integrity.” So reads one of the articles of the Charter of Kurukan Fuga, the African charter on human rights. An interview with historian, Djibril Tamsir Niane, who has just published this document.


Les Afriques: What is the Charter of Kurukan Fuga?

Djibril Tamsir Niane: The Charter of Kurukan Fuga comprises “decisions” and “recommendations” made by the assembly of allies that Soundjata gathered the day after his victory in Kirina which gave him the upper hand on Soumaoro Kante. The year was 1236. These decisions and recommendations collectively formed the basis of the legal system of the empire Soudjata created – the Empire of Mali.

LA: What does this represent for Africa?
DTN: The Charter of Mande acquits Africa of the charge of being a regressive, violent and static continent. One must overcome clichés and prejudice. The Charter of Mande teaches tolerance and brotherhood between clans and ethnic groups. The cohesion between community members seems to have been the foremost priority of the men and women that met at Kurukan Fuga. Implementing a system for conflict resolution was therefore the central objective: and so the practice of using jocular mockery and insults or jocular abuse* was institutionalised, as well as a patronymic system to create alliances between clans.

......... ( ( - The Charter of Kurukan Fuga