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Title: Alcohol
Post by: RasAugie on September 01, 2009, 02:31:12 AM
InI live in babylon, InI go to high school here in california and all my friends drink. InI choose not to, I father is an alcoholic, and I uncle has just passed on due to drinking himself to death.
What are any other rases thoughts on alcohol.

Title: Re: Alcohol
Post by: Motingwa I on September 01, 2009, 03:30:04 PM
Ras Tafari say I & I are to have nothing to do with alcohol.

Hon. Nesta Marley said that alcohol was the destruction of mankind.

Title: Re: Alcohol
Post by: nomo8 on September 08, 2009, 01:08:56 AM
This writer has strong ancestral connections to the temperance movement in late 19'th century america and native american ancestry affected so badly by alchohol.  Alchohol was the firmament of industrial wage slavery, war profiteering and low consciousness thinking.  In the AFrican American community, Edgar Bronfman is its prime mover through Seagrams (Feel the Black Velvet Smooth).  Any young person who early on refuses it stands to benefit him or herself immensley and to profit honelstly from a clear mind.


Title: Re: Alcohol
Post by: kendalldj on September 20, 2009, 02:19:13 AM
I go to Appalachian State University in North Carolina USA, and the state of the human race is present here.  There is much drinking of alcohol, and there is much oblivious "bliss" here, and I take part on occasion... But only out of curiosity of understanding a perspective.  Alcohol destroys ones self.  ahh it is depressing, that is the state of america.  Alcohol allows good minded people to Sin without feeling remorse.  It's an awful drug.  I am 20.  I am watching friends do things that I don't condone.  Life. 

All the power to you brother.  Stay strong, and staying away from alcohol is a good idea.  I've learned in my life that for every moment I allow myself to be sad, I am allowed by the grace of God, to feel happy on the other side.  I believe in balance whether its proven or not.

Title: Re: Alcohol
Post by: Ras_Solomon on October 14, 2009, 03:01:43 AM
Blessed Love Idrens and Istress.

Alcohol is in present in every fruit of the world but scarce amounts (fermentation, the process in which glucose in fruits is broken down into alcohol) so no InI do not believe it is a sin to drink but I overstand that it is a sin to overuse and abuse such a substance as it is with any substance, if InI become greedy and eat too much, InI vomit, if InI become greedy with the herb InI feel mash up, if InI become greedy with alcohol me dead, seen? it is down to the individual and his control over the substance that determines the outcome.

Respect, Love and Guidance Itinually

Ras Solomon

Title: Re: Alcohol
Post by: jahseen on February 01, 2010, 10:41:33 PM
I do not believe dat to drink is a sin, since Jah created de fruit which ferments and can become alcoholic, but surely it is a sin to overuse alcohol, as it is to overuse herb? Jah surely gave us free will in de hope dat I and I will not become stupid and foolish, no?

To Zion

Title: Re: Alcohol
Post by: nomo8 on February 06, 2010, 10:22:00 AM
temperance I suppose is the rational view (not prhibition).  However, the irrationality and violence that occasions alchohol is legion, as well as physical brain rot.  I am not clear that food spoilage bi-products such as alcohol and other toxins are ordained by the diety to be "OK"". That seems to me to be a human projection. However, I would certainly agree that to attribute an "evil nature" to the chemical is false,  and there are always some benefits, such as denatured alcohol used as disenfectant or solvent in creating beneficial substances arrived at through centuries of experimentation with fermentation and distillation processes. 

  it's counterproductive to lecture, scold or harass anyone who over indulges in any intoxicant, including herb, which certainly can be over indulged in to detremintal effect, like anything else.  Of interest is the role of alcohol in cold weather societies, worth studying, there is a geopolitical dynamic to its use there among Europeans.  A great deal of that has to do with absence in western europe for many centuries of potable water and they hydrated themselves with wine and beer out of necessity (water was considered "evil" and the source of disease).  Imagine the mind set that accrues due to hydrating yourself with alcohol, including children.  Moderate social use is said to be without harm, even beneficial, I think young people in Europe now do not drink so much and use herb on occasion.  In some races, alcohol cannot be overused easily (blush response among asian people for instance).  My own pet theory is that northern meat eaters with necessarily large livers (scavenging) can tolerate it better, which isn't really such a good thing, yes they can metabolize the booze more efficiently but the volume of drink is dangerous.

There are many accidents of history related to chemicals with unkown properties being used without caution.  One of the greatest of these accidents is use of meth amphetamine as war fighting drug from WWII onwards to today.  It is known that from top to bottom of the pyramid amphetimines fueled the war and nearing its end may have led directly to the psychopathic nature of events such as atomic bombing defenseless civilian cities, Dresden, Holocaust, etc.  The leadership of the time flowed well into the later 20'th century and, during seventies and 80's cocaine replaced amphetamines among the elites to get there craven charge, along with alcohol and cigs.  So, what goes into are bodies is vitally important in terms of behaviour, mass consciousness, development of ethics and morals, etc. Kindness, understanding and no moral judgement is best in helping others who have problems?.  Or just avoidance.   N8