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Title: BlacK Queen
Post by: Ras_Joe on September 12, 2003, 09:44:14 AM
Black Queen

Black Queen, Black Queen
You Are the Priceless Jewel of the Black Race
So Black So Beautiful
Nurturing All Who You Allow in Your Space

Black Queen, Black Queen
The Beauty of Your Presence is Like None Other
I think About You Daily,
As You are a True Lover

Your Smile, Your Grace, Your Leadership in the Black Race
Is just a taste of what you are about

Black Queen, Black Queen
So Powerful and So Serene
Your Forever Lasting Presence Will Always Stand Out

Black Queen, Black Queen
You appear in my dreams
And Sometimes I can't overstand why,
But then I sit and reflect on experiences that I've had with you and then it becomes clear to I.

You are a Gift from the Most High
That Was Sent For I
To Overstand, To Care For, To Love, Protect and Never Despise
So Black Queen, Black Queen don't pay attention to the Lies be strong and know that you are man's true prize.

By Ras Joe