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They are the true citizens of  Lado but as Lado is disguised under the nick names in English as West Nile  ( North West of Uganda now )  , Southern  Sudan  and Eastern Congo in Uganda who were and are still the closely associated with Idi Amin's rule in Uganda .

In what sense are they associated with Idi Amin President of Uganda , 1971 ---- 1979 ?

Ugandans prefered / and prefer to know and have Amin associated to this nick named group of the people ( Nubians ) .

These citizen people of Lado because of their faith Religion ISLAM were supposed and easily aggregated to be the descendants of former slave soldiers from what is best known to commonest people as southern Sudan, who in the late 1880's at the time of the Mahdi's Islamic uprising arrived to what is now called  Uganda under the command of a German officer named Emin Pasha. Emin used these Luu / Lui people to fight the Mahdists of Arab Origine in Sudan itself  .

In reality, the identity became an elective one, open to Muslim males from the northern  - western Uganda / southern Sudan , Eastern Congo borderlands, linked to as descendants of the original soldiers of Emin Pasha .

These soldiers later were, taken on by Frederick Lugard of the
Imperial British East Africa Company, formed the core of the forces
used to carve out much of Britain's East African Empire. Following the
Military mutiny  in 1897 originating from Uganda , had effect on these
people and after the reprisal of the Mutiny by the British sodiers and
the Indian --  Asian soldiers brought in from India  these people
became  Displaced Persons, the Stateless Persons and the Internal
Refugee Problems arising among them and they became  so called Nubians
( the Lado Muslim Community of LUU / LUI people ) who eversince then
were being held mainly in Uganda and Kenya as Prisoners in Reservation
camps, the so called Restricted Settlements ( Bombo, Soroti and Gulu
in Uganda and Kibira near Nairobi in Kenya )  , all this was started
by the British since 1897 .

Reapt , These People were always referred to simply as " The Nubians "
by the British  though they are Muslims of Lado origin ( Luu and Lui
People ) who were removed by the British Colonial Authority because of
their Mutiny the same year 1897 when they were ordered to go and fight
against their own People in Lado .The leaders were executed in Uganda
including their Military Commander, Bilal Amin, the Grandfather of Idi
Amin ( This Mutiny in Uganda was / is sometimes wrongly writen by some
Historians  quoting it as  Sudanese Mutiny of 1897 in Uganda  ) .
These people inotherwards are not Sudanese as such but are the Sudanic
race  in the vast Sudan  (  Sudan meaning Black )  Territory
Territory of Africa .  See the proper use word of Sudan .  Sudanese
are the  citizens of the Independent  Republic State of Sudan in
Africa .

The truth behind is that  ---

The British have never forgotten nor forgiven the Lado Muslims for
this Breach of Discipline, which explains why these displaced People
referred to as " The Nubians in East Africa ", and are still being
punished now as " Unwanted Persons." Apart from being held in the
Special Settlements as Prisoners, the Lado Muslims ( Nubians ) are
being heavily discriminated against, very much like the American
Indians were treated by the European .

It is hereby noted further that : From the days of Emin Pasha to those
of Idi Amin, some Nubi men were identified by a marking of three
vertical lines on the face – the ‘One-Elevens’. Although since Amin's
overthrow now many Muslims from the north of the country prefer to
identify themselves as members of local Ugandan ethnic groups rather
than as ‘Nubis’; leaving aspects of Nubi identity on any  among
Ugandan rebel groups that springs from West Nile / Lado  , and who
knows as well as in cyberspace .

So really , Amin was / is  a KUKU tribe of Lui people of the Lado
Enclave State  but not a Nubian of the real Nubians who settled in the
North of the present Sudan State at the foot hill of Mt . Nuba and
they had a Kingdom of their own which later was over run / conquired
by the Arab Invaders .  In Short , though the Nubians and Ladoans had
an allegiance in the Rebellion to fight together against the pharaonic
Rule of Egypt  ( See the Chronological History of Lado )  , they
mantained a good relationship after their exodus from Egypt  where
they settled in the vast Territory Area which the Arabs often called
The Sudan ( N.B ) -- THE name Sudan hereby has nothing to do with the
present  Independent  Republic State of Sudan .