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Title: The Return Of Truth In Hip-Hop!
Post by: Bantu_Kelani on September 22, 2003, 12:08:54 AM
New 'Paris' Album - The Return Of Truth In Hip-Hop!

After a mild hiatus Paris returns with his most pointedly-focused and brutal condemnation of the ills of society to date. Waging righteous warfare (hence the title) on all that he perceives as being wrong with world in this current political climate of manufactured fear and "War on Terror," he covers such issues as the New World Order, the manmade origins of AIDS, military lies and propaganda, police brutality and the embarrassing state that hip hop is currently in. The first single, "What Would You Do?" has already been a lightning-rod for controversy in the United States, garnering coverage from such notable sources as MTV2, The New York Times and MSNBC for it's suggestion that the Bush Administration played a key role in orchestrating the terror attacks of September 11, 2001. And it doesn't stop there --the album also features input from progressive hip-hop visionaries Dead Prez, Public Enemy and Kam. Add dancehall sensation Capelton to this already impressive mix and you have a potent molotov cocktail of an album ready to explode.

As one of the few remaining artists who can be relied upon to remain consistent with both his content and his dedication to musical quality, Paris' latest effort will please not only his existing loyal supporters, but should prove to gain him many new listeners as well.

Bringin' back to you what you miss in hip-hop - Paris and!