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Title: Catholic Church reports mass murder in Cote d'Ivoire
Post by: News on April 03, 2011, 08:16:42 AM
Catholic Church reports mass murder in Cote d'Ivoire (
A Catholic charity in Cote D'Ivoire says 1000 people have been killed in the western town of Duekoue.

Forces loyal to Alassane Ouattara, the internationally recognised winner of November's election, are closing in on territory still held by President Laurent Gbagbo.

Al jazeera's Sonia Gallego reports.

Title: Re: Catholic Church reports mass murder in Cote d'Ivoire
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by Ras Jahaziel


 (The maniacal quest to be THE MAN IN CHARGE of the slave master’s front office on the plantation, driven by the obsession to be the party in power under Massa’s directions)

 “What is the best way to end the constant slave rebellions?” the slave owners asked “His Holiness” their spiritual advisor, and the answer was:  “Educate them on the lie that slavery and colonialism are things of the past, and they will get the unspoken message that there is no need to continue the struggle for collective freedom and African liberation any more. In this way they will drop the baton, and the liberation energies will be easily converted into selfish rat race energies in the hustle for paper. Successful slave education will produce a slave who stupidly thinks that a weekly paycheck is a satisfactory replacement for true African liberation.

 Gone will be the days when they came together to fight for liberation, because now they will be competing one against the other in a deadly struggle for the dollar. In pursuit of the extra cash that will be sure to fall into their pockets, if they get elected to political office, many will eat the bread of betrayal as they use their education and their elected office to facilitate the smoke-screen operations of the same old slave system. You can be sure we will soon have brothers tricking and lying and deceiving and backbiting and character assassinating and killing as they compete for The Overseer position on the plantation”

“We have now set up all the forces that will make getting money take precedence over getting liberation, and we have indoctrinated them with the religious belief that getting the dollar is the main purpose for getting an education. They have now been programmed with the thought that getting yours for yourself should be one’s central focus in life, and to hell with any higher motivation. Thus came the generation of The Beast and ended the era of struggle for collective African Liberation.”

What does the threat of civil war in Ivory Coast and the prospect of more Black on Black violence say about our colonially inherited consciousness and our colonially inherited education?

The situation that is developing in Ivory Coast should lead us to call into question the consciousness of the people and the type of leaders they get as a result of that consciousness.
There is an old story about a wise King who was faced with a dispute between two women claiming ownership of one baby. Both of the women wanted justice, so the wise king proposed that because there was no way to tell who the baby really belonged to, (no DNA tests at that time) the baby should be shared by cutting him in half so that both parents would get an equal share in the name of justice. Naturally, the woman that had a greater love and connection to the baby was the first to concede ownership rather than cut the baby in half.

If in the case of Ivory Coast, both leaders or both parties are prepared to plunge the country into a blood bath to achieve what they perceive to be electoral justice, then the lesson that we will have learned is that neither leader or neither party truly has a concern for the welfare of all the people irrespective of party affiliation. As usual, their main ambition is to control the purse and reap the personal benefits that come with being the man in charge or the party in charge on the plantation, and they are prepared to kill members of the other party if that is what it takes to get to the bank. At the end of the day, which ever leader manages to secure for himself THE OVERSEER POSITION ON THE PLANTATION, the people are bound to continue in the same exploited position.

It is only the fool and those that are uninformed who believe that colonialism ended after independence-papers were signed. But what we have learned from the history of colonialism is that it always seeks ways to retain its grip, even if it means deputizing chosen representatives. The electoral game that it plays on the Black masses is always one of “heads I win, tails you lose”. Whichever party is in charge, the behind-the-scenes colonial overlord is still the real man in charge pulling the strings. He never loses in an election, because he funds and bets on both sides, and the ordinary people always remain in their same exploited position after the election. Yes, they may get a few jobs here, a few roads there, a few playing fields there, and a few window dressings over there, but the economy remains in the hands of the traditional vampires and slavery-wealth inheritors whose profits must continue increasing, even if it means that the people must endure some more belt-tightening. But The Sheeple in their ignorance are always duped by the fact that their party is in charge, never realizing that their situation does not fundamentally change with the changing of parties. In many ways their rejoicing is like the wine of transitory satisfaction that only sweetens the mouth but never goes down to the belly.

Ultimately the volatility of these political confrontations is always determined by the followers and their level of consciousness or lack thereof, because one power-hungry politician cannot wage a civil war by himself.  It always depends on having irrational people who are spiritually sick and morally degraded enough, to spill the blood of their own brother because he belongs to a different party, comes from a different neighborhood, or a different ethnic group; or just harm him because they have been paid to do the politicians’ dirty job. That is the kind of unconsciousness that must be present for political differences like those we see in Ivory Coast to descend into bloody civil war.

Unfortunately the long years of colonial exploitation and dehumanization have now created a morally depressed situation where there now exists a significant number of people who would sell their very soul for a dollar. For a paycheck they would put on a uniform and go on the rampage like we saw in Tivoli Gardens Jamaica May 2010, slaughtering their own kind just because somebody has given the orders. If you look around in society today you will see that far too many formerly-good people have evolved backwards, and have become predatory beasts and fallen angels. Even some of the formerly bright angles that should have been setting positive examples have descended into the cesspool of depravity.

The steady corrosive pressures of today’s disguised slave system eat at the morals of the people, creating favorable conditions for the culture of exploitation and manipulation.  Middle class and underclass alike have been dragged down into a bottomless pit where men sell souls like fishcakes. And so, there are far too many “educated people” whose silent complicity has been bought, so that they bury their heads tenaciously in the pillows of their insecure class comfort, deafening their ears and callously ignoring the brutality that is meted out to the underclasses on a daily basis. These square-hatted people have been educated with a mindset that does not breed revolutionaries. It only breeds wanna-be-slave-owners. Their main ambition is to replace the slave master and live like the slave-master. To achieve this upward mobility they must anesthetize their conscience and deaden their soul.

As a result of the carefully structured economic pressures, the underclasses are driven into a situation where living legal has become impractical. Despite the grim reality of this situation, the selective sermons of the co-opted preachers continue to reprimand the poor for stealing, and have nothing to say to the evil system of exploitation except that God will correct it…when he comes. So the hungry become more desperate, and desperation becomes a facilitator for the long-planned out schemes of the manipulator. With so many desperate people around, and with so many preferring to keep a careful silence, it becomes easy for power-hungry politicians to hire killers and instigate fratricide and all-out civil war.

It is time that we rise to that level of consciousness where we refuse to sink into a blood bath just for the sake of replacing one party with its twin. It is time for the society as a whole to seek a cure for its TRUTH-ALLERGIES and set in motion a culture that causes people to thirst for knowledge more than they thirst for rum and flesh intoxication.
There is scientific truth in the fact that a people get the kind of leader they deserve. If a people have not elevated their consciousness they will be attracted to and swayed by unscrupulous characters that are unconscious like themselves. If they have elevated their consciousness, much more would be demanded of would-be leaders, and the fact that one has money and connections, or has lots of letters behind one’s name, or has the ability to crack nice jokes and be very entertaining would not on the basis of that alone earn one any credibility as a leader at all.

The leaders that Africans need in this time are those that have seen through the colonial subterfuge, and consciously divested themselves of the lust for the overseer’s position on the plantation. They have the willingness to sacrifice money, position and wealth for principles of justice. They cannot be bought, and they are devoted to educating the people to their African oneness in the struggle against exploitation and injustice, and they make every effort to open up the people’s eyes to see that the artificial differences are benefitting the common exploiter.

But every time there is electoral violence and civil war you can be sure that there are unscrupulous leaders that are not elevating the people, but just manipulating the ignorance of the unconscious masses to their own advantage.
This is a recurring situation that happens not only in Africa but also in the Caribbean. Too many university-graduated leaders are ready to sacrifice their own people on the altar of selfish ambition. Too many people are ready to kill just to get promotion. As one prophet said “they all want the fame and glory and wealth that come with being the overseer on the plantation.” That is why we see so much bloodshed in places like Jamaica every time political season comes around. The mud-slinging, character assassination, and willful psychological violence that accompanies electoral season in Barbados and other parts of the global plantation are all part of the same callous mercenary spirit, only lacking the required dry tinder to ignite the spark of real physical violence. Beware the day when there is enough dry tinder.

 But it all serves a particular exploitative scheme that requires constant distractions, constant side-shows, constant entertainment, and constant camouflage. That is why so much money goes into maintaining A CULTURE OF IGNORANCE to keep the people’s consciousness below their waist. Without THE IDIOT CULTURE the whole oppressive system would come tumbling down, so the people must be constantly kept hooked on crack… entertainment crack, religious crack, and educational crack, easily blindfolded by promises to build more roads that lead to nowhere.
In addressing the violent trend that continues to pit brother against brother in violent confrontation, without any sense of African connectedness, we must reexamine our educational culture.

Careful examination will show that our education does not infuse in the youth a sense of their collective history as Africans that have been historically oppressed by the same INVADING forces and continue to be oppressed by the same invading forces. Therefore it does not equip the youth with a sense of having a special COLLECTIVE OBLIGATION to struggle together as Africans.

With an education that places emphasis on the shared historical struggle of Blacks across the world, the people’s eyes would clearly see and understand the forces that have historically blocked their collective progress as an African people. Such an education would equip today’s African with the clairvoyance to see through the morphing acrobatics of the Beast and not be deceived by any of his new suits. This carefully omitted Garvey/Selassie education would give Africans in all corners of the world an honest assessment of where they are now in world history with relationship to The Invaders, and it would impart to the Black youth a sense of having a collective obligation to continue struggling to actualize that vision which sees Africans as one free united people.

So what is an African in the global rat race without that sort of education and without that baton of history? He is an African condemned to continue in the fragmented state that was inherited from slavery and colonialism. He is an African programmed to be a mercenary for The White World Order, complicit in draining the resources of Africa for the benefit of others. After so many centuries of education for white nation building it should be quite obvious by now that what is needed today is EDUCATION FOR BLACK NATION BUILDING.
Now why is this term so strange and unfamiliar? 

Why do “goodly” Christians experience a knee-jerk sensation when they hear the mention of BLACK POWER but yet have no problem with centuries of white power that has authored the enslavement and genocide of so many?

Why is EDUCATION FOR BLACK NATION BUILDING not a popular phrase on the lips of young African children and on the mouths of Christians?
Why does every politician continue to keep the people’s minds fixed in the parochial box and never educates them to the broader issues that affect Black people globally as a race?
Why have all the politicians taken the baton from Edgar Hoover and continue to keep the people in ignorance of Marcus Garvey’s vision?

Why have they collaborated with the White Supremacists to spread the impression that the vision of uniting African people globally is an outlandish idea?
Why have they all held on to those colonial directives that say you should cling to your POWERLESS DIVIDED IDENTITY, and continue to be exploited one by one by the “co-operations” of slavery-wealth inheritors who now operate with new hidden identities?

Why does the idea of black people and black nations uniting drive so much fear into the religiously-minded devils of Hell Plantation?
 All the beneficiaries of slave labor, the white nations of today, know that unity is power, and they are forming all sorts of associations and organizations to unite in order to hold on to the wealth and power that they gained from slavery. They are well aware that the Garvey idea of uniting Blacks across the world would be a threat to the present status quo where Blacks continue to be easy fodder for exploitation because of their divided situation. And so billions of dollars have been set aside to maintain a climate of fratricide and fragmentation, flooding the African community with suicidal guns and white dope.

Despite all the years of miss-education that have created in the minds of the people a different impression, the masses of people across Africa and the Black diaspora have all been consigned to ONE AND THE SAME PARTY.  Of course the prominent, “successful” few that have acquired a few material things by obeying the master faithfully would not count themselves amongst this lot, but it cannot be denied that the masses of African people globally all wear the same yoke of poverty and hand-to-mouth-ness.  Just like the national boundaries that were drawn up at the Berlin Conference, most of the differences are either manufactured for the purpose of facilitating exploitation, or where such differences do exist they are manipulated and accentuated in the psyche of the people to facilitate exploitation. But upon careful  analysis of the bottom-line it becomes quite evident that the masses of African people all belong to the THE SAME SUFFERERS PARTY.

There is a saying that goes “How to conquer a people and keep them under your control?…educate their children.” We have been educated to idolize and sanctify colonial lines of separation in the name of separate nationality. This is the African problem today, independent but still sucking the ideological breasts of Europe.
If the education system is truly geared to serve the interests of the vast majority that it purports to serve, it would strenuously promote a consciousness that transcends the plantation’s property lines, making us aware of the sameness of our long racial struggle to escape the ravages of the Beast of slavery and colonialism. From out of this should come a consciousness of our common ties and our common moral and historical obligation to join hands in order to counteract the forces of division and exploitation.

 We should think about this purposeful omission of African consciousness in our education, and realize that if education is not interrupting the colonial project that furthers its interests through “divide and rule,” then our education is cooperating with the agenda of The White Think Tank of the plantation. In every place where the slave system educated us, whether in Africa or in the diaspora, they educated us to think separately, and programmed us to guard the plantation borders jealously.
But the ideology that should underpin both our religious and secular education should be one that promotes African cross-border unity, emphasizing oneness in struggle. Shared experiences and shared interests should always be emphasized, but this necessitates looking into the morgue of history with the scope of a forensic examination.

This examination will reveal countless victims of slavery and inhuman exploitation from all parts of the black world that died in the struggle for justice, and we would have to ask ourselves, have their struggles been vindicated in the conditions that now affect millions of their descendants?  Of course the White Jeezuses that enslave us would definitely not like that, because there would be far too many voices clamoring for reparations.

But if your education omits your history of struggle you will have no real sense of the severity of the war that has been waged against you, and the great lengths to which many have gone in order to dehumanize you. You will have no real sense of the continuity of that war in more subtle forms today, and you would not even realize that the world’s most wealthy institutions of today built their churches on top of the dungeons that deprived you of your humanity. When you talk of slave masters you would picture a man with a pirate’s hat and a whip in his hand, and you would never even realize that the same “holy” institutions that are saving your soul today are the same ones that collaborated in robbing you of your soul yesterday.

If you are thus MIS-educated you would merely accept the scars of poverty and deprivation that you have been born with, and you would think that it is just normal bad luck. You would even come to believe the myth that your own intrinsic inferiority has created your present not-far-from-slavery reality. You would fall for the lie that is propagandized by the slave master’s agents that your poverty has nothing to do with slavery, and it is all because of your own witchcraft or voodoo.  So though educated to read and write and do arithmetic, today’s African now finds himself like a runner in the relay race of life that has dropped his baton, all because of that missing element of African consciousness in his education.

That is where the black youth in Africa and the diaspora are standing today, confused, disoriented, unmotivated, without a sense of purpose, without a comprehension of their current predicament, but boiling with an ancestral anger against injustice that was constantly forced to be internalized generation after generation, and  bound to become self-destroying  because victimization and injustice have continued unabated and the energy to seek justice continues to be repressed.

What the youth are seeing right before their eyes is a hypocritical main-stream religious system that has been covering up European crimes for over four hundred years, by their refusal to stand up on the side of justice, and what they also see is a religious system that supports the building of more prisons as a way to deal with the effects of the slave master’s crimes that continue to drive the poor into desperate situations. 
The schools cannot show the youths why they should care about getting degrees, because all the degreed people still look like slaves, totally dependent on the Massa to pity them and give them a job where they have to debase their moral integrity to keep it.

And it makes no sense telling the youths that they should  wait till when God comes or to wait until when they die and get to heaven, because despite all the heaven that the church-people keep talking about, all of them are still taking as many pills and drugs as possible to stay alive  on Hell Planation. As far as the youths are concerned, heaven could not be such a great place if all the preachers are always trying to delay getting there, but what they do know is that HELL PLANTATION IS REAL, and they see it everywhere that Black people live on planet earth today.

This hypocrisy on the part of church and state gives the impression that they find it easier to penalize and criminalize the poor that are driven by want and desperation than prosecute the robber that is driven by lust and greedy ambition. But in doing so, a beast of anger, vexation, pent up rage, and anarchy is being nourished, and the results are there to be seen in every community.

That is the social dynamic that results from TRUTH NEGLECT and TRUTH BETRAYAL, and it is inexorably building an ominous magma beneath the social fabric like a ticking time bomb. These are the social forces that politicians play with, using to their own personal advantage the people’s anger, frustration, and deprivation that is compounded by their ignorance. History will look back at this failure to include the truth in the religious and educational systems and judge the perpetrators of this crime very harshly.

So every time we are tempted to lament gang violence and black on black crime we must ask ourselves what else could we reasonably expect when we have participated in stifling the truth that would  have connected the youth to a much nobler understanding of their place in history.

Whenever we lament Caribbean disunity and African disunity we must ask ourselves how can we expect to build Pan-African unity when children in Africa and the diaspora are still being schooled in ignorance of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade and chattel slavery, and therefore have little or no knowledge of how the African continent was carved up and members of the same family torn apart from each other and scattered to the ends of the earth?

Why are we not dramatizing these events to show our common struggle and our connected-ness? Why are our educational institutions not promoting the concept of ANCESTRAL MEMORIAL DAY to invoke in the African children a sense of respect and reverence for their ancestors that died in the pit of injustice? Is it an accident that the children are taught to commemorate THE SETTLER’S DAY and Columbus day, but no effort to sanctify the memory of their enslaved African ancestors? Is it just because the people that inherited the spoils of slavery desire African children to not know why they have been born into such misery?

Without such knowledge can we expect the peoples of Ghana and other places in Africa to view diaspora Africans as anything else other than aliens and “Obrunis?” Without thorough knowledge of the colonial process is it any wonder that Ivorians are still viewing their brothers from across the colonial border as aliens, and Barbadians are still viewing St Lucians as “foreigners”? Don’t we understand that it takes a fool’s mind to believe that slave descendants can disconnect from their ancestor’s nagging cries for justice and yet form a present–day unity with each other?

Why has a taboo been placed on studying these events of Black dispersion and enslavement in detail, and whose purpose does the ignorance serve? Why is it that that few Blacks in the Caribbean and Africa have an intimate knowledge of the Haitian revolution, and therefore ignorantly view Haitians through the eyes of the white slave masters? How can you have so-called political independence but yet omit the most crucial task of DEPROGRAMMING THE PEOPLE’S MIND FROM THE MENTAL SLAVERY that keeps us divided into separate parties and separate island identities that are really nothing but separate colonies of exploitation?

What does this tell you about our progress from under the belittling influence of European domination when none of our leaders and none of our political parties have had the courage to drastically overhaul the education system to reflect the vital needs of African people? What does it tell you about our religious system when that too has distanced itself from addressing the centuries-old belittlement of the African personality?

When the educated Judge in the courthouse has to wear A WHITE MAN’S WIG to show his authority, what subliminal message does this send to the little Black children who were not born with white people’s hair? If Judges are supposed to be amongst the most learned in the land what does it say about the character of the judge’s education when he can unthinkingly sin against his own God-head and submit to such ridiculous blasphemy? There are only two ways to explain this: It either means that one can be educated but not conscious to the subliminal subjugation that underlies the colonial tradition, or one’s education has programmed one to carry The Mark of the Beast unthinkingly.
It is time to open the eyes and see that the attitudes and cultural norms that have been handed down to us by slavery and Colonialism were designed to separate us from love of ourselves, from love of our own kind, and equip us to be MERCENARIES FOR THE WHITE MAN.

 Therefore all we are left with is THE MERCENARY SPIRT that sees education merely as a tool to be used to advance up the plantation ladder as high as possible above the other slaves on the plantation. From out of this culture comes the ruthless, ambitious, educated elite; ready, eager, and willing, not to correct the historical evils of Black exploitation, but ready and willing to serve the historical forces of exploitation in the pursuit of PERSONAL MONETARY ADVANCEMENT.
This is the legacy of the slave-plantation arrangement that was based on PROFIT BEING MORE IMPORTANT THAN HUMAN LIFE, and it was therefore natural that it would perpetuate a culture where PERSONAL PROFIIT is the driving motive for getting educated and the driving motive for seeking election.

At this stage in world history The Black World is sorely in need of a new form of education that unites Africans beyond colonial boundaries and beyond artificial party divisions, because the truth is that there is an underlying sameness that continues to characterize the black condition. If we are not prepared to REVIEW AND REVISE the education process that has been handed down by the slave-owners there is no way that we will avoid more tribal war, more black on black crime and more racial self-annihilation.

Let brotherly love and solidarity, and Pan-African consciousness return to Ivory Coast and the whole of west Africa, and spread throughout the rest of the Black world. Let the Black police and soldiers come to realize that they and the Black youth that they so willfully slaughter in the ghetto are all victims of the same evil system.
Ras Jahaziel (