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Title: Cornel West's criticism of Obama sparks debate among African Americans
Post by: News on May 19, 2011, 08:13:22 AM
By Krissah Thompson, Published: May 18

Scholar Cornel West

Scholar Cornel West’s scathing critique of President Obama’s liberal bona fides in a series of recent interviews has ignited a furious debate among African American bloggers and commentators.

The well-known Princeton professor and author, who has released rap albums and starred in Hollywood films, supported Obama in the 2008 presidential campaign but now calls the president a “black mascot of Wall Street oligarchs and a black puppet of corporate plutocrats.”

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Title: Re: Cornel West's criticism of Obama sparks debate among African Americans
Post by: melaninmagic on May 19, 2011, 01:15:44 PM
Cornell West in this article:

"West said that Obama’s politics are more centrist than progressive and do not uplift the poor, calling the president a “newcomer . . . who wanted to reassure the establishment” and “someone who was using intermittent progressive populist language in order to justify a centrist, neoliberalist policy.”"

The phrases highlighted in bold are oxymoronic statements, that essentially translates to 'someone who is using nothing to justify nothing.' They essentially cancel each other out.

After checking out that public debate between Sharpton and Cornell, I can't help but suspect that they both have a mandate by kkkrackers behind the curtain to compete to see which of them can win over as many members of the ignorant black masses as possible.

but, (

it seems to me that Sharpton was always ahead of the game...

You really need to watch that spectacle of a debate between these two charletons:

Al Sharpton's & Cornell West's Big Fight On MSNBC Black Agenda Debate (

So this article and that dbate is Cornell's attempt at a desperate fight-back!

Both of these fools were supporting Obama in the past, and now that Obama totally f**ked up by bombing Libya, they are struggling to save face to black people, cause they both know that when the shit hits the fan and the black people get a clue, it is there asses on the line.

don't fall for the coolade, man. Cornell West, like all these other mis-leaders of men, is talking out the side of his mouth... or ass, for that matter.