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Title: Tribute to the Great Brother Leader and Guide of the Revolution
Post by: gadzirai on October 28, 2011, 07:24:34 AM
Down with Babylon!
Golden Gadzirayi Nyambuya
28 October 2011
Bulawayo Zimbabwe.

Blinded by his own ignorance -- might is right;
Step by step he staggers and willy-wallies to his Waterloo.
He has just tramped on a great part of the hearts of the downtrodden.
In his heinous actions of pursuit for liberty and happiness,
The World mourns the departed Great Brother Leader,
The Lion of the Desert, the Lion of Africa is not anymore.
Another World his World, a World that feels it is the true World,
Rejoices in the demise of the Guide of the Revolution.
This World laughs all the way to bed,
Another world is but river of tears.
Alas, lo and behold!
I tell you this now, that these tears and sorrows,
Will sooner rather than latter turn into misery.
The visitor shall be great tears, sorrow and pain for they blinded by their ignorance.
Humiliating it was, body lies in state in a central city store's cold room.
Africa betrayed by his own ... Africa Africa Africa, Why?
Oh! Brother South Africa, Nigeria and Gabon??
What in our Great God's name have your done?
Look now, we are naked and humiliated.
Rest in Internal Peace Brother Leader and Guide of the Revolution.
Your blood shall water the tree of the martyrs.
It shall rekindle the spirit of revolution for economic freedom,
The apocalypse is now upon us, there is no way to hide.
The Slogan is:
One hundred percent economic empowerment and freedom in our lifetime.
Its now or never!
Let freedom reign from Cape to Cairo.
Down with Babylon!