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Title: You'd better open your eyes
Post by: Kiamba on August 14, 2012, 06:04:07 AM
They were supposed to promote justice
And create a new balance among the unequal
But they chose one side
One that has all the weight
One that could fuel their greed.

They were supposed to give the oppressed reason to celebrate
And make them have a renewed hope of ever being happy
But they chose to give none
As they took away everything
As they preferred the celebrations to themselves.

They were supposed to take up the cause of the orphan
And see that hes well taken care of
But they chose not to bother
Since the orphan had nothing more offer
Since they had made him an orphan anyway

They were supposed to defend the rights of the widow
And protect all that she had
But they chose to take everything
And bury it under the sands of the far away seas
And act as if none of it existed

They do not recognize us, they do not understand us
They want nothing to do with us; they are not part of us
Why do we insist on being battered? Why do we continue to tolerate?
Our heads have massive wounds, our bodies are weak
Yet we still allow them?

Youd better wake up; youd better open your eyes
Youd better stay than run; youd better stand your ground
Youd better clench your fist; youd better start fighting
For unless you take back what is yours, they shall never bring it back
For unless you stop them, they wont stop messing around with you
All two Hundred and Twenty Four of them.