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The movie starring the character Harry Porter in Harry Potter and the Socerer's Stone, as a student of magic and wizardry may seem like a fantasy, but as one of African origins and who has seen and watched ceremonies of the ancient African religions of Shango, Mbanda, Condomble, Vadu and others, Harry Porter's magic is nothing far fetched. The question is where did the "Black Arts," originate and why is it called the "Black Arts," or in modern terms, why is the chemistry of today connected with the Black Arts of the Middle Ages practiced in Europe.


It is believed that Merlin was an Egyptian priest who practiced the Black Arts of Egypt. In fact, it is thought by some that Stonehenge and the stone used to build Stonehenge came from Africa and in some cases levitation or some mysterious force was used to lift the massive blocks in place.

No matter whether one believes in these beliefs or not, one fact is clear. In ancient times, Egypt and Nubia as well as Mesopotamia were the sources of many ancient sciences including chemistry, physics, alchemy and others. In fact, the term "chemistry," comes from the word "Khem mystry," or Mystries of Khemet. The term "Khem" is the ancient Egyptian world for Egypt, which was "The Black Land," in reference to the Black inhabitants and not the soil, as some like to point out. The hieroglypic for ancient Egyptian Blacks was a black log with the glyph of a Man.

The magic or mystries of Khem spread to the Arabs after they invaded Egypt in the 600's A.D. when thousands of scrolls and books may have been moved. It is well known that the Black Egyptian capital of Fostat (Cairo) was razed to the ground by catapults brought to Egypt by the Arabs, however, it is not known whether every single manuscript or all the great books of ancient knowledge and sciences found in Egypt were destroyed or carried away by the invaders.

When the invaders of Egypt began to prosper, they also seem to develop or reintroduce into Europe and the Middle East some of the ancient magical arts and sciences that were invented in Africa. These magical arts and sciences seem very similar to the "magical" arts practiced in the Harry Porter movie. In fact, in the African religons mentioned above, these sciences and arts are still practiced. For example, the art of levitation is not a trick or a problem of bad eyesight. In the scientific religions such as vadu and others, levitation is a reality. Sending messages telepathically, reading "bones," devination and many other arts are also reality and not fiction.


Today in Africa, the continent and its people are in the most degrading state since slavery. Why is this constant destruction of Africans, African culture and African civilization occurring? The answer is clear, as long as Africans in Africa and the Diaspora continue to worship the religions and practice the religions of other peoples, our minds will never be focussed on who we are and what our plan for the world is.

Christianity and other religions were either forced on us through the sword, or the proslethizers were persistant in trying to conver us into their religions while they continued to believe in Black inferiority, biblical mythology and myths such as the lie called "the curse of ham," which was and is used to justify slavery of Blacks in the colonial days bythe Europeans, and in today's soiety by people who continue to invade African/Black lands, burn Black cities, towns and villages, violate Black women and carry Black people off into slavery and capitivity.

These evils will stop when we as Africans return to the ancient religions of our ancestors. What we must do is to examine all of them, develop a system of worship, remove practices that may not be beneicial, build a system of temples and houses of worship and incorporate them in our societies as national cultural treasures.

One of the facts about African religions such as the Orisha tradition, vadu, Shango, Mbanda and others is that the power of God comes through us as humans. Our lives on earth is as important as our lives in the hereafter and while on earth, we must strive to be great and make great accomplishments. We simply cannot accept being poor, downtrodden and slaves on earth waiting for a hereafter where we may or may not get any benefits. In the African religions, not only is there a hereafter, but reincarnation is a fact of life and the very practice by some


In some parts of Africa the belief in paying for the sins of ancestors is well known. Reincarnation is a common religious belief. However in other areas, sins are not passed down and every recarnation is an opportunity to do better. The practice of African origins used by many
African-Americans such as passing newborn babies over the coffin of a dead relative so the soul of the relative can pass through the body of the newborn. is evidence that belief in reincarnation from the African perspective is alive and well in the U.S. and in ther parts of the Americas.

Unlike reincarnation in other religions where people come back worse than they were before, in the African idea, humans return better than they wre before. They are also given the choice and freewill to better their lives, no matter what they did in their past lives or who they were.


Magic is not a dirty word in the African religion. In African religion, "magic" is looked upon as science and in order to attain "magic," certain principles and certain ingredients must be present. In fact what is called magic or fetishism is based on the skillful use of the brain and the mind. It happens that people who practice vadu, Shango, Orisha and Mbanda are using the other 90 percent of their brains that is not usually used.

The use of dolls and pins in the practice of healing was and is a common practice in the African religious practice. In fact, dolls were used to represent the sick person, the points of contact with the pins were the places that needed healing and the mind was the "medicine" that willed the brains to react in a chemical manner to heal the person who was sick. In some cases, either the person who is aware of the ceremony being practiced or others can unleash this power of healing.


Apart from the practice of the sciences of Africa religion, the observation of particular stars and lanets is also part of the religious system of some African ethnic groups such s the Dogon, who study and observe the Syrius star system and track its movements. The Bambara and Ono study the Venus Complex. These are aspects of African religions that are practiced less in the Americas and should be preserved in Africa.

In retrospect, when one looks at traditional African religions, one sees a strong connection with the ancient Black arts of Egypt. When one looks at the magic in Harry Porter, one sees African magic from the Mystry schools of Khem (Egypt) that were passed on into Europe during the Middle Ages by the Semitic invaders of the region.

It is rather ironic that while movies are being made about the arts of Khem, and while Europeans an others are opening their minds to the natural powers of the human mind, many of us who are Africans and Blacks and who have these sciences as part of our culture are following the religions of people who continue to enslave us and carry off our people into slavery. The time has come to return to the veneration of our ancestors and the practice of our ancient religions.