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Title: Colorism going unnamed
Post by: Nakandi on October 27, 2014, 02:09:54 PM
Miss Uganda 2014-2015 is of a shade not usually associated with beauty, and one that usually does not feature in African run catwalks. Negative comments continue to pour in since she was crowned on 26/10/2014 . Some of the responses:

"“Miss Uganda World is your theme Beauty with a purpose or Ugly with a purpose?” one Ugandan questioned the organizers of Miss Uganda World on Facebook.

“Museveni is always embarrassing Besigye, now he declared him Miss Uganda,” said another Ugandan identified as Maseruka on Twitter.

Frankie Sinatra said that; “TF is this UPDF? Is Miss Uganda now chosen ironically? Like who di ugliest of di bunch? Like who will scare Somali soldiers? Miss Scarecrow”

“And so this Miss Uganda winner, I have been told super heroes are rarely attractive. I hope she can cure cancer.”

Ssebintu Nyini bintu said that United States is about to Invade Miss Uganda, she looks like Oil." (