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Title: A New Day and a New Dawn
Post by: esmi on November 21, 2014, 08:08:40 PM
A New Day and a New Dawn

It is a new day and a new dawn.
I stretch as I looked beyond the horizon to a world seen and unseen.

It is to be a good day.

I see the rays of the rising sun
And feel a soft breeze as air leaves the lips of the creator
As he blows across the expanse of all there is.

I walk into this day,
Feeling the breadth and width of around me.

I looked and began to move to the sway of the immortal tree
As it too welcomes the new dawn.
Hey Baba Obay.

I begin to move to the beat
Of the rhythm
In my head
Ba baba Ba Ba Bay yeo
Baba bay baba bayo
Baba ba  baba bayo

My body has just taken on a renewed lease on life.

The morn calls
The day calls
Rise it says, and walk the earth
Rise and walk the path
Rise and begin today’s journey
The journey  of mankind
The walk of life.

I dance in the present
That represents the past
Making way for the future.
I am at one with all there is
All there was
And all there will ever be.

Baba has called the day, come.

I turn and walk into the house
Ready to face the day
With renewed strength and Awakening.

Written by Esmie Daniel August 2010