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Author Topic: Why do so many women oppose feminism?  (Read 896 times)
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« on: November 01, 2016, 04:03:55 PM »

Why do so many women oppose feminism? A psychologist explains

At its root, feminism is all about achieving equality of the sexes – so why does the ‘F-word’ ignite the ire of so many women? As Magdalena Zawisza writes, it may simply be the power of the status quo at play

By Magdalena Zawisza
November 01, 2016

Just when you thought sexism was a thing of the past, revelations about Donald Trump bragging about groping women hit the news. Yet only 13 per cent of female Republicans think he should stop campaigning for the presidency. While women generally favour his Democratic rival Hilary Clinton, 49 per cent of them rate her unfavourably. Despite her lifelong commitment to public service, she is often criticised as a bad mother. UK prime minister Theresa May, too, is often seen as cold and unrelatable while Margaret Thatcher was referred to as the “Iron Lady” – competent but cold....

Read more: http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/why-do-so-many-women-oppose-feminism-a7382691.html
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« Reply #1 on: November 01, 2016, 04:38:05 PM »

The problem with mainstream feminism is that it fails to address White Supremacy, Racism, Colorism and Classism, which greatly affect how diverse women perceive themselves benefiting from feminism. Because these issues are, at best, given token attention by mainstream feminism, the feminist movement is fragmented to confront areas of neglect. Hence, we have (White) Feminism and Black Feminism. Unaddressed racism explains why White feminism gets most of the mainstream attention although it often fails to address the concerns of a wide number of women and men. Often, the attitudes displayed by feminist mirrors that of arrogant males.

Many believe that feminism is only about women. While women must be at the forefront of this movement, the issues to be addressed are relevant to men too. For example, Africans who were kidnapped and brought to the West as slaves, then brainwashed into White patriarchy, are themselves, victims. Viewing both women and men as victims is not usually done in feminist circles.   

Many women do not feel empowered after listening to feminist arguments. They do not see a roadmap that brings them benefits. Often, women who are better off economically are at the forefront of the movement, and they are the ones who get the attention and most of the rewards. For the most part, the poor, struggling woman with or without children, cannot afford to make dramatic shifts in her male-dominated lifestyle. For the sake of the children or for some semblance of economic security, she tolerates much from the male. She also knows that if she challenges her boss at the workplace, there is a greater likelihood of her getting fired and not being able to financially provide for her children.

The average well-off male is already so conditioned to view himself as a superior being that he is not likely to change for the sake of some feminist arguments. How can he change in a world that values the wealthy above ordinary people? Classism and Racism have already taught people to think in terms of materialistic hierarchies; mainstream white feminism often appears to be simply fighting for its place in the upper echelons of patriarchy. Why else would women who are able to point out the flaws of men in their patriarchal system still want equality with them? This is as bad as blacks calling for equality with racist whites. Feminism should also challenge mainstream religions that promote the perceived superiority of men as this was the main vehicle used to propagate these inequities.

This U.S. election has two flawed characters vying for the presidency: one is a male who some claim abused women and is otherwise dishonest, and the other a female who has contributed to the death of countless people including women and is otherwise dishonest. Yet, many feminists would have us believe that the female is the better candidate. They cannot see that different people would have different priorities, and gender alone does not make one more suitable than the other. Instead, many feminists downplay or ignore totally the transgressions of Clinton while totally demonising Trump. They fail to see that they are BOTH inappropriate for leadership.

What is lacking from the discussions on feminism (and other movements as well) is the role integrity plays in harnessing the best people in the drive for change. Integrity would allow the white feminist movement to acknowledge the arguments of Black feminists and others who advance arguments from the perspective of those who are affected the most. Integrity would allow for better choices for leadership and would be the single most empowering factor in the movement.
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