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Author Topic: Roots People  (Read 58744 times)
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« Reply #30 on: February 22, 2004, 06:38:38 PM »

Quote:The whole Slide "Show" is Terrible, absolutely Terrible...The whole Show resembled a freak show fest. I know thats a horrible thing to say, but its true. And you wonder why most African Americans want to be disassociated from Africa, i would too, if these where the things being shown to me as All Africa was.  

We are not Zoo Animals to have our pictures taken whenever White folks wanna make themselves feel better.

Quote:Because NEVER did i say i was embarrassed.  

The problem is not with the pictures, some of them are Gorgeous-in my eyes.  

And i never DID

Quote:A peoples greatness is measured (in the west) primarily by the advances they make in society, their buildings, their social intricacy and make up, their schools, their architecture, their roads, and the efficiency of the agriculture and so on.  

A peoples greatness throughout History and times is measured not only in the West but also in African History, through their Arts, their Architecture, and the PHYSICAL as well as Philosophical remains of their success passed on to their decedents...not only does history judge us by these characteristics, but also by our relationship with each other and foreigners.

Quote:I could give a rats ass what white America sees or what White America or Europe think about who we are.

White America is not the Same thing as Black America and Black Europe my dear.    

Being disingenuous and forgetfully selective won't help you in your argumentation Kwegan.

You are the one being selective, picking an choosing and quoting what you want, taking my statements out of context is not Brain Surgery.

Your speech is driven by a self-castigating attitude. You tend to go overboard with defensiveness with really any substance.

Without any Substance...?

While you on the other hand jam pack your posts with arrogance and self righteousness?

it's apparent to me you are not really concerned for Black people's autonomy and liberation.

As is apparent to me that you are handicapped by your own self importance and are unable to see past your own ego. As if the only way to react and the only way to have a correct perspective is if we all think as you do. Please...

The Liberation of Africans Globally is infested with people such as you who believe that their way to love and fight is the only way. It is a Hindrance to cut off people for no other reason than their view and fundamental approach when both of us are working towards the same end.

As for my alleged "narrow-mindness", all you have seen so far is the thoughts of someone with strong opinions. But then you are the same way, so if I can see only my own opinion, you suffer from the same "weakness".  

As i have stated that i agree with most of what you say, with the exception of a few key points. I understand where you are coming from...but as i also stated, not all people are able to think nor do they see as you do.
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Higher Reasoning

« Reply #31 on: February 23, 2004, 09:53:25 AM »


I'd like to read more about these people, what books are out there that talk about there culture and philosophy?

Check "Pygmy Kitabu" by Hallet, Jean-Pierre. Some of his conclusions are indeed racist, but between the lines are some very good insights and correlations. The correaltion between the ideas of the Mbuti(Pygmies) at the source of the nile with the ideas of KMT, following through into diverse and widespread world peoples.

Check "Egypt, Light of the World" by Gerald Massey to see the path of the ideas from inner Africa into the civilization of KMT and later Judaism and Christianity.
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« Reply #32 on: February 23, 2004, 11:30:54 AM »

I'm curious about something...

We all know that the images of Africans in the West are controlled by the West's political, social, economic, and cultural interests...So we can complain about them all day, but how do we plan to get control over anything without organization of the African masses?

Since this seems to be the only viable solution(organization), are we all joining existing organizations or creating our own to achieve this goal?

By the way, the book African ceremonies(which I own) was written and produced by 2 European women...just a thought.


Forward to a united Africa!
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« Reply #33 on: February 24, 2004, 01:58:12 AM »

I hope the link you provided won't further upset the too many African people around the world who are just poodles of the white man desperate to please their masters even more. For my part, I appreciate them. I personally believe any photograph, message, book, movie and television program that can truthfully account our original structures, principles and artistic heritage in this world and show how it relates to Black traditional norms of high culture is positive in content and has a positive intent as it awaken acute consciousness about the African thought and determination as opposed to western style of reasoning and will prevent in the long run discrimination and bigotry against Black people. Even if a few white philanthropists of good will lack the depth of the Black experience I see them trying to advance the respect and preservation of Black people in many ways and that's worthy.

I agree with you Oshun_Auset. I think one need to find out specifically a collective with a political, religious and social common interest that's going to lifts us to the highest dignity and uniqueness for Black people. Every Black have to learn to nurture the African identity on his or her own regardless of the context of his or her environment as well. The bitterness of our poverty however have triggered in the Black people disunity, disorganization and psychological confusion. Africa and Black people have numerous mind problems. This is precisely what Carter G. Woodson called "The Mis-Education of the Negro".  But the time has come to take measures to solve our problems and the most powerful medium that we have for empowerment is CULTURE. When all Black people around the world and in Africa can stand an be proud of their rural communities, traditions and religions and respect each other at all times then harmony amongst our people and in the whole of Africa will help us and create a chain where other races would also RESPECT us. In my perspective again our primary concern shouldn't stay on synthetic and superficial factors how White people typically measure "prosperity" with money and property, and the accumulation of destructive infrastructures. Whereas to really solve our problem we have to rebuild our nations with our own ancestral inventions making them suitable for modernity. Economic, political and metropolitan control and development can never be complete and effective without mental control and development. No Black person in this world should beg the patronage of another race to define his or her own civilization.

Bantu Kelani.

We should first show solidarity with each other. We are Africans. We are black. Our first priority is ourselves.
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