The Lost Continent of Mu

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According to shamans, mystics, seers and mediums, Mu and Atlantis have now become solely fourth dimensional, and can only be "seen" and visited  by the most spiritually advanced . A shaman in Congo told me that tombs, artifacts and sub-oceanic chambers of the sunken Motherlands would be discovered in the very near future when Earth will begin a long cycle, which will return the Wisdom of ancient civilizations. He believes this prophecy to be true. He, and others, claims to spiritually journey to Mu to acquire the efficiency to heal and serve the wounded. WHAT do they SEE I do not see? It is frustrating to not have any subjective ability to explore other realms. Should I use my imagination to experience the conscious knowledge of Mu? How in the world can we differentiate a creative fantasy and a psychic communication, intuitively and physically opened and guided by Lemurian souls, gods, ghosts, spirits or whatever they might be? This is a great mystery for non-initiated people and me.



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