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Author Topic: ONE SOUL's ON FIYAH...Malawi  (Read 7112 times)
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RastafariSpeaks .com

« on: April 24, 2003, 10:58:48 PM »

One Soul's on Fiyah / One Heart's in pain /
bellies empty / children dyin /
mankind's dreaded shame /
Souls on Fiyah / hearts in pain /
who can stop dis burn-in / who will quench dis flame /
One Soul's on Fiyah / Malawi..Malawi...

look now to de middle east /
cry one an all for peace /
look i straight to Malawi /
how much for a measure of wheat /

One Soul's On Fiyah / One Heart's in pain /
who will stop dis burnin / turnin / learnin / churnin / yearnin /
Souls on Fiyah / hearts in pain /

an the warm Heart of Af-ri-ca /
grows cold in a body de-prived /
while miles away in another world /
hundred dollars for a plate to-night /

Souls on Fiyah / who can stop dis burnin...Malawi...

dem seh nat-u-ral dis-as-ters /
happen we all know /
but de basket of de world ya'll /
is filled to over-flow /

man made ways of dyin /
which way to point their death /
Jah hear de children cry-in /
an which one made dat bed /

One Soul's on Fiyah / One Heart's in pain /
bellies empty / children dyin /
man-kind's dreaded shame /
who can stop dis burnin / who will quench dis flame /
Souls on Fiyah / hearts in pain ...Ma-la-wi..

why do they hate to feed de hungry /
does a strong child cause dem fear /
know when de child is healthy /
they'll never con-trol a-gain /

One Soul's on Fiyah / one Heart's in pain ...Malawi...

an who will feed an who will lead /
tell me who will stop dis crime /
woe be to dem of plenty /
when Jah wipe de tears from dem eyes /

Souls on Fiyah / hearts in pain...

no ex-cuses for one hungry child /
in dis day an age /
pennies for de starving millions /
billions for a war to wage /

Souls on Fiyah......Malawi..
Souls on Fiyah....Zimbabwe...
Souls on Fiyah.....Mozambique..
Souls on Fiyah...Zambia...
Souls on Fiyah...Lesotho...
Souls on Fiyah..Swaziland...
Stretch out a Hand...
One Soul's on Fiyah...One heart's in pain...

>>>i Soul's on Fiyah / reason not wid i / i heart's in pain / reason not wid i / nah nah negotiation / there is a generation / whose teeth are sharp as swords / to devour up the Poor / reason not wid i / stop your ears / at de cries of de Poor / cry for ya-self / but ya heard no more / reason not wid i / oppress de Poor / an you reproacheth HIM / chances growin oh so slim / what mean ya dat you turn / when de children reachin / and grind de faces of de Poor and de needy / Iyah break de oppression to bits an pieces / sayeth de Lord / defend de Poor / sayeth de Lord / deliver de Poor / you think you know / but ya never seen war be-fore / words no more / reason not wid i / reason not wid i-and-I / / nah nah reason not wid i...<<<

One Soul's on Fiyah / One Heart's in pain /
bellies empty / children dyin /
mankinds dreaded shame /
Souls on Fiyah / hearts in pain /
who will stop dis burnin / who can quench dis flame /

Souls on Fiyah...Malawi..
Souls on Fiyah...hearts in pain...
One Soul's on Fiy--ah...

(((pennies for food ...billions for bombs...
"someone will haffi pay "

Jah Guide an Blessings to ALL here..
One !

ex ....))))

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« Reply #1 on: April 25, 2003, 03:38:28 PM »

Yes, I just wanna give thanks for the words of truth so put forward that it touched my heart and gave it a squeeze.
It is important, these works wherein you are sharing the feelings that you feel, seeing what you see..
Maybe they will touch, one day, the heart that was unreceptive for so long......
One Love. Helena
Posts: 23

RastafariSpeaks .com

« Reply #2 on: April 26, 2003, 12:16:30 AM »

i-and-I Hope will keep ringin ,
as long as dem birds keep singin,

Jah Lives..an de crooked WILL be made straight..

Thank You Helena...

All Praise and Glory to The Most High..

Wid Jah Love and Respect..

ex ....
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