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Author Topic: The Magical Properties of Stones  (Read 18086 times)
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« on: August 02, 2004, 04:38:48 AM »

The magical properties of precious and semiprecious stones have been known from ancient times. This is one of the reasons people buy them. Of course, there is a significant beauty in every stone, individuality and a character. Wearing a specific stone can influence your life, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Let's consider best renown representatives of the mineral world:


Brings good luck, but it must always be given, as a gift by someone; it cannot be purchased or it will loose its magical powers. This stone brings protection, power, and happiness. It helps sustain the peace of the spirit and serenity, contentment and lasting pleasure. It will maintain and protect the state of happiness in your life. Use it to protect yourself when facing hard times.


Is a variety of quartz. It can have a wide range of colors: from dark violet to pale rose. This is a spiritual stone. It helps to develop and evolve spirituality. It is good for invoking help for meditation and for rising above any problem. Sleeping with an amethyst under your pillow will relieve insomnia promote dreams and inspiration. This stone is exactly opposite to passion. Use it in dream magic.


Has the same composition as emerald, but is less valuable because it is found more abundantly in nature. It is a water stone if you put true aquamarine in the seawater, it becomes invisible, as if disappears. The darker the color, the more precious is the stone. Aquamarine is cooling and purifying stone. This stone promotes clarity of mind, clear thinking and awareness. It also can be used for healing the body, because it is an excellent cleanser and purifier. It is effective in magic concerning impurities of the skin aquamarine will make your skin pure and transparent. This stone can be used in situations where you need to stay cool  like examinations, interviews.

*Moss Agate

This stone brings peace of mind and ends period of anxiety. It is good for banishing problems, should be used when the Moon is waning, by the time the Moon is empty your problems will be gone.

*Agate With Fossils (Turitella Agate)

This stone is used to deal with precious gifts, inheritances. It brings money, riches, possession, abundance, and wealth. It also helps you to find a mental balance with your own possessions and riches, in case you cannot enjoy it any more.

*Blue Laced Agate

Has soft, feminine type of energy. This stone helps people to overcome aggressiveness and animosity. It brings mellowness to any rough situation without too much intrusion into other people's personal life.

*Amethystine Agate

Brings cardinal changes, gives new inner perspective of the life, which is often expressed in a move like change of the place of living, or travel abroad, and so on. It is often used when life becomes too boring, stale, by providing some sort of shift of energy, freshness and newness.


The stone of the night, used to enjoy night's gifts, shadows, dreams, silence.

*Brown Jasper

The stone of the body, used to direct the energy towards the body.

Is considered a stone here because it can be found in small pieces in nature. Attracts abundance and riches. Use it to open yourself to abundance, wealth.


Is also considered a stone here because it can be found in small pieces in nature. Its magical property consists of that fact that it allows you to appreciate the purity and simplicity of poverty. Used to appreciate poverty and its gifts.


Is a stone for divination, it helps you to see future.


Is a stone for courage and warmth, used to eliminate fears and bring out the warmth of love.

*Lapis Lazuli
This stone helps improving child-adult relations, fertility. It's keyword is children


Is a variety of corundum. This is second for hardness stone after the diamond. It comes in variety of colors from rose to deep dark red. The power of the stone, as well as it's price in general, depends on it's purity and size. This stone has a power of love between man and woman, sexual as well as emotional. It brings deep and pure love. This stone especially related to poetical, romantic love. Comparing to the Red Jasper powers, the power of Ruby is more intense and less earthly. You can use both stones in incantations.

*Quartz crystal

Is used for crystal balls, pendulums and other magical objects. It aids concentration of thoughts and powers.
It helps you to focus healing energies on that part of your body, which needs them most. This stone is useful when you need to concentrate your strength to reach success, like before examinations et cetera. It is also knows to help developing psychic abilities.

*Petrified wood

Brings clarity in legal matters and bureaucratic word. Used in lawsuits, to attain success as a lawyer, it is also a secretary stone.       

Tektites are pieces of glass formed when a large meteorite strikes the Earth. This stone has banishing properties, eliminates bad energies, used in banishing magic for hatred, jealousy, envy, anger, etc.


This is stone of indomitable strength, everlasting ties. Used to make incantations totally solid and lasting. Use with prudence.

*Fluorite Octahedron

Is used when you need to concentrate on work, or find a job. It helps you channel your energies in a productive way, to perform businesslike activities. Work or job are keywords to this stone. It can be used together with other stones to indicate a specific job, which you want to be engaged in.

*Tigers' eye

Gives confidence, strength of character, self-expression, helps to overcome shyness, and gives ability to understand yourself, eliminate fears, related to self. Use this stone when you need new beginning, independence, divorce and separating, or when you want to start off in a business. Becoming free is a keyword for this stone.


Is another variety of corundum together with the ruby. It protects your mind, gives you enlightening, spiritual devotion, courage, peace of mind. It helps you to reveal the true purpose of your actions, overcome stress, anxiety, caused by the sense of lack of direction. This stone helps you to find the thread of your life. It is also used against confusion, helps to find lost truth.

*Rutilated Quartz

Is used to improve creativity, or to find someone's creative potential in all spheres of your life be it art, music, cooking or gardening. Helps you to concentrate your energy on your talents. Can be used together with other stones.

*Botswana Agate

Brings gifts and small pleasures, helps quickly overcome low moods. It gives joy and changes depressed mood into happiness. It promotes change, very often unexpected, surprising. This stone does not bring very deep changes or great revolutions, though.


Heightens sexual awareness, used to open someone to life pleasures and to sex.


Brings beauty, used in beauty magic to discover one's own beauty.


Stone of the spirits, used to get in touch with the spirit world.

*Iron Pyrite

"Fool's gold" is another name for this stone, because it resembles gold; stone of deception and misunderstanding. Use it when you need to conceal something, for business ventures and new projects. Be careful not to cause harm to yourself and others with this stone. Every time you use it, put aquamarine next to it. It will give you clear thinking and awareness, possessed by aquamarine. Use it when you need secrecy.

*Rose Quartz

Gives healing emotional, physical or spiritual. This is a stone of healers. Can be used together with other stones to indicate specific part that needs healing.

*Red Jasper

Brings strong healthy feelings of love and passion, family feelings. It is often used in love magic. It warms up the heart and body. If you give red jasper to your lover, a passion will stay alive between you. This stone is not recommended for over-passionate people. It can be used to provoke sexual response, earthly passions, earthly love, giving birth to home and children.


Helps you to overcome states of depression and melancholia. It increases general body energy, and has a very strong effect. Do not carry it all the time, use sparingly, as need arises, and then put away. Under the influence of this stone your mind will recognize what food your body needs. Be sure to follow these cravings and impulses. You may feel sudden need to certain occupations, too.

*Agate Geode

Has the power to open and increase your psychic powers; use it in incantations and rituals where you need to reveal the truth, which is not accessible through other natural ways.


This stone is used in money spells, protection from sharks, and protection from fire, gives abundance, richness, and wealth.


We should first show solidarity with each other. We are Africans. We are black. Our first priority is ourselves.
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