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Author Topic: Whole Life Healing of Sexual Energy  (Read 10795 times)
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« on: April 28, 2005, 02:45:09 PM »

"Many will attempt to imitate, fabricate and claim possession of divinity and a holistic living way of life as the lost and astray mind has done ever since its emergence out of the ice-cold deep freeze.  However, there is an energy of existence far, far beyond the lost and astray mind...Physical consumption of whole life energy is only part of the vital equation." (page 294)

An excerpt from the High Priest Kwatamani's spirit-stirring new book, entitled "Exposing the Ice-Cold, Deep-Freeze Mentality and Whole Life Healing of Sexual Energy within the Divine Parallel."  Controversial, provocative, undeniable, and in-your-face holistic living truth.  

A spirit history and analysis guiding one forward into the ancient and sacred presence of the Divine  Children of the Sun with a golden tan. This text will revisit the Indus Valley, the Nile Valley, and other fertile crescent communities that existed long before the emergence of the deep-freeze mentality.  The High Priest Kwatamani will leave absolutely no question in your mind regarding the extreme necessity for the resurrection of the sacred masculine and feminine presence, nurtured in the womb of the Most High Mother Presence and divinely guided and protected by the Most High Father Presence  This text will expose the imminent state of affairs among the suntanned children while tracking the various manners of tricks and deceptions that continue to mesmerize the lost and astray mind.  

The High Priest Kwatamani confronts such issues as the AIDS crisis, population control and eugenics, abortion, devitalized and depleted dietary consumption patterns, biological warfare, substance abuse and addictions, obesity, cancer, racist ideologies of thought and reasoning and the raw and living foods movement, distorted definitions of femininity and masculinity, toxic male female relationships and the consequences that breed deviant sexual behaviors.  The High Priest Kwatamani untangles the fibers of legacies stolen from the sacred garden culture that have been corrupted and reversed into an outsider culture.  The High Priest Kwatamani highlights historical thought and reasoning that acclaims genius while declaring all is fair in love and war.  The powerful and dynamic information flow that the High Priest Kwatamani directs towards the Sacred Few among the Children of the Sun with the golden tan and the Children of the Sun who lost their tan is phenomenal.  

After exposing the patterns of social economic and religious disorder, the High Priest Kwatamani addresses the whole life healing of sexual energy within the divine parallel.  This book is, indeed, an extremely vital healing experience and a must-read for the conscious consumer who honors the Sacred Spirit of Life and Supreme Love.

This is the time of divine intervention and the resurrection of the sacred garden culture.  The High Priest Kwatamani and the Kwatamani Royal Family will be "Coming at You Live" on a new musical DVD which was released during the Cleveland and Atlanta premieres in April 2005. The vibrant and pulsating musical and visual experience is complete with traditional drumming, singing and dance from the creative expressions of the sacred garden culture.

Sis Najuwah
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« Reply #1 on: July 28, 2005, 04:23:34 PM »

Very interesting,

Sounds very similar to Dr. Afrika's book Holistic health.  I will look into it.

Mesu En Ra (Children of the Sun)

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