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  I am a white, 17 year old from ohio. I am fairly new to the rastifarian religion. I use to be a "hardcore" atheist, untill i decided to pray and ask the lord to give me guidence. sure enough i got a sign that lead me straight into the hands of rasta. Before i had finnaly given my life to live for Zion i had ben very into reggae music and found more love than i could possibly imagine. I have allways had quite a bitterness for most white people and definatly white society. I could not relate to rastafarian religion anymore. i guess what im getting at is, "am i going to get shun by african american people for following their culture because it makes me happy?". regaurdless of the outcome of the posts i will get on this, i will continue to follow the word of Haile Selassie, I am just curiouse.
                                                       Thank you

Hi Mat,

Out of curiosity... why do you have a bitterness for most white people and white society?


Interesting, what we have here. I, too, would hav askd the same Qn. < melanin's> But i guess coming from the 'chocolate city', you have seen your fill of racial discrimination against black folk.
It is nice, you finding Zion. Granted, ppl will talk. Some black folk, even here, dont fancy the idea of a white rasta. But Zion is the rock of the sons of David , and only Jah is judge.
Walk the path of rasta, and you'l swim in di blessings of the most higg. Just dont forget two things. Rasta is no religion; it is a movement in faith.
2. You are white, and dont need to be 'feeling bitterness....' towards your own kind. <without reason>


Blessing and Praise to all,
                                   I am new to this forum, i have been reading discussions for the past 2 weeks, and decided to participate.   

     It was understood that many(myself included) see Rastafari as a way of life not a religion..since i canot find a Rastafari Church that exists in my area if habitat.  I do feel as though you should find communion in an orthodox church.  For communion is your salvation. 

     Raggae music is but a medium for the gospel of InI, it represents parts of Ras aspects which relates to the whole.  being down with Hip Hop/blues/ or country does not equate to being a baptist..does it?  Its important to differentiate this since music is a matter of subjective opinions.

     Being white in my opinion means you have a duty to pay back the crimes done to black people in Africa, and in the diaspora.  Because simply chanting "Jah Rastafari" will not make u a Ras. I think Ras has a duty to find a connection to Africa and then to help Africa by any means nessecary, and to not keep pointing the fact that we have already been divided by color...which is the "White" People in AMerica invention during chattel.  WE NEED REPARTATION...Not More people justifying thier Color in lifestyles.

    In my opinion you should study some African American history, Go to predominate Black city in Africa, or make it a mission to educate White about repartiation.

-Shape InI Future

first... Reggae music was actually the first thing to introduce me to Rastafarian culture... it was actually "By the Rivers Of Babylon" by the Melodians. Reggae sparked my intrest and had me looking into all or most of black history and culture. so i know its not the main basis of rasta. to me it would be like praise music. My bitterness towards white people i guess comes from the fact that my family is from either tennessee or gorgia and are what some would call "rednecks". just some of the things i find that they say about black people and culture has made me very, very fist-clinching mad. Alot of my friends are black and to hear and see them all descriminated against makes me very mad... i also find any "reble flags" highly offensive. I grew up very poor and "trashy" persay and i was also descriminated against for that so i know how it feels. I just see NO reason why any man should have anything against african americans seeing as they did NOTHING WRONG, not now, not ever. Every chance i get i am trying to inform white people on my opionions, veiws, and facts. I would also LOVE to visit Africa and if i ever have the chance i will. thank you all for writing back, i really appriciate it. LOVE


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