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Author Topic: White contribution to the Black struggle for Freed  (Read 55909 times)
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« Reply #30 on: September 24, 2003, 10:29:05 AM »

But I, as an europian girl, feels the continuous oppression of babylon, that threats man, expecially children and young, and darkened our mind and soul. Babylon is  dangerous, because it's everywhere and it's ready to hit everyone in every moment. It's dangerous because it takes advantage of the weaker and the most ignorant, using different type of tools, from television to advertising, from fashion to music, to education and so on...this is the very problem, this has been always the very problem.So, we must unite and fight this war, because we all are on the same boat; we must follow our soul, that is the words of Jah. Give thanks and praises every day.

You as a European girl may think you feel and understand fully the extent of White Supremacy and the oppression it wreaks on the world, but the simple reality is that you don't. You have never experienced and CAN NEVER EXPERIENCE the harsh reality that Black people have to endure because ultimately you benefit from white/light skin privelege that underlies the social structure, organisations and interactions in the West.
here are many that try to absolve themselves of their responsility and sidestep how they themselves contribute towards the Global system of White Supremacy. This 'one love', 'we are all JAh's people' doesn't cut it. We are definitely not on the same boat because Blacks people especially dark skinned Blacks face the most amount of oppression from a society that costantly emphasizes that white/light skin is better and that is one of the factors by which things are organised.

Until Whites deal with the reality of their own white skin priveleges (and how that benefits them), the most they could be is be patronsing about anything African. Europe and all Europeans have materially benefited  immensely from the enslavement and oppression of Third World people especially African people and continue to benefit up to this day . Who controls these tools that u mentioned: televison, fashion, advertising and education? The only true unity there is , is that founded on truth. Unity can never be realized on the foundation of lies.
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« Reply #31 on: September 25, 2003, 05:35:36 AM »

To: Ras_Tyehimba
I'm sorry, but I wouldn't have seem too presumptuous...I know I can't feel what a black african girl feel every day and I will not feel it, never...I don't say that white people are as oppressed as black people, and I underline that this is the very problem of ever, the gap between Northern and Southern countries of the world, and racism, of course. In this struggle, however, there would be necessary to unite and cooperate with all the people that "feel it". White people as a group and a "race" are guilty of the slavery, of the oppression of black people and of the present lack of balance between the white society (american and europian) and all the other societies (african, south american..), caused firstly by racism and by a distorted vision of history, that is the white people (from columbus and so on) are the only children of Jah and they only have the right to live. It's been an enormous error, and this error is being repeated nowdays by the people of the "First world".
But among the white people there are, fortunately, some that are trying to take off the dark veil of Babylon from their eyes and their souls...the message must be send in every corner of the earth...this is the only way to overstand what's happening and do something to change it...we all  must talk to each other.
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RastafariSpeaks .com

« Reply #32 on: September 25, 2003, 12:23:08 PM »

 Greetings to all!

To Giulia:

As a white man, I would also like to think that we are all in the same boat, but I have realized that however much we feel that we are oppressed as well, it does not come close to how it feels for people of African descent. The problem is that we benefit from the babylonian system, at the expense of the same Africans. Babylon is really tricky - they bribe ordinary white people into supporting the system. This has been going on since the European colonial powers (e.g. England) justified the plunder of Africa to meet the working class' demands for better conditions in their own country. (Reference to Marx: imperialism as bread and circus for the working class)

I think you are right that you and me and other whites are also victims of Babylon, but as Tyehimba said, Africans are the greatest victims of this oppression. I think it is very difficult for most of us whites even to imagine the full extent of suffering under racism.

Therefore, instead of trying to get sympathy from black people, our contribution to the struggle should be fighting against Babylon in our own societies.

The struggle continues!

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