MELANIN; The Genetic Key to Humanity, Life, Spirituality, Our past & Our Future

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MELANIN: The Genetic key to our Humanity, Suffering, Greatness, Liberation, and Future.

The greatest mistake our race has committed, and the cause of our decline, and suffering was to humanly welcome different barbaric people into our home land, presently called Africa- mainly the cold Euro-asians and the Arabs nomads.
These people without civilization nor culture, still barbaric and cannibals, and having as their natural habitat the cold hills and caves of the Caucasian region, were taken out of their primitive condition by our ancestor and were taught not only science and basic human sanitation but also simple things such as;

-Women are precious and should not be enslaved nor treated badly,

-The old people, which lived with them in the same cave, were not to be eaten or maltreated.(1)

-Fire was not god but an element created by God; Because of their natural cold and hostile environment, and lack of spiritual nature, they developed materialistic religion or mythology, and saw fire as a savior, deliverer from the cold (2)

This natural and innate love for nature and humanity that Afrikan people have, has contributed, and still contributes to our downfall and enslavement. We haven’t learnt yet that not all people are our friends nor that all people have the true sense and patterns of humanity. This includes some of our own brothers and sisters; Uncle Toms and Sell Outs. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Indeed there are a lot of differences between Afrikans, the original people, and other people of this world, mainly the whites (Euro-beasts). When JAH created the earth only one race was present, and that is the Afrikan race.

The rest of the world’s population are the product of our existence, they were Afrikan first but then mutated into their present state, losing all their natural and god-like features that The Creator put upon us; JAH did indeed create (afrikan) man and woman in His own Likeness and image.

One of our most prominent scholar, Dr. Richard King, who has dedicated his life in studying all the differences between blacks and whites, above all melanin, states that:

”The black man and white man are distinctly separated and unequal. There is a state of war between the two races that spans thousand of years and has extinct billions of lives. Seldom has this planet witnessed a confrontation, a war of such dimension.

It is a true example of total war, that is at times subtle or overt, mental or physical. It is warfare raging through every form of human expression from art to politics and religion. No safe ground exists, no neutral territory, no fence to straddle, all of us are involved.

The confrontation between blacks and whites is a total war for survival. Without a doubt, the meaning of black vs. white confrontation must be understood by every human if we are not to be severely crippled, consumed or destroyed.” ( 3 )

To Understand this fight we have to first of all know all the differences existing between Afrikans and whites. Surprisingly when talking about all the differences, white scholars tend to hide the truth and mislead the people.

Above all, the less talked about difference existing between the original people and the mutants is the existence in excellence in the Afrikan of an enormous amount of a chemical and life substance called Melanin.

The word melanin derives from the Greek word melanos, meaning BLACK

We Afrikans, with our distinct racial features -blackness, curly hair, broad nose, thick lips, etc.- are really blessed with greatest gift from nature. The source of all this beauty is this precious life and chemical substance; Melanin.

But yet again, due to the existence of a war in all aspects of our lives that Dr. king stated, its definition, interpretations and functions varies when being discussed or written by whites scholars.

I am not an expert on the subject, I only started learning about melanin less than 15 months ago, but I hope to share what I have learned so far with all members of the Afrikan family. I consider melanin as being the key to our survival, our humanity, our greatness and civilization, our spirituality, and indeed the key to our total liberation.

In Afrikan cosmology, the fundamental purpose of life is to preserve the intrisinct order and sustain the synchronistic harmony of the universal cosmos. This includes searching and showing the truth to people that are unaware of it. That is exactly my objective.

My intention is to write this essay from a Pan-Afrikan perspective; it is not my intention to valorize our position as Afrikans and degrade other people. What is true has to be said, and only truth sets an individual free. As Afrikan people are still in bondage, mentally above all, I hope that this essay will enlighten our people, empower and give them the initiative to search for more truth and take the path towards the total and unconditional liberation of all Afrikan people and land world-wide.

I chose to write about melanin because I feel that the majority of our people are dormant and do not see the truth and reality that is being hidden to them by the Caucasians.

We tend to easily fall into white people’s trap and contend ourselves accepting their simple definition about important issues that affect our lives, the same being the case with melanin. Their interpretation of melanin is as of it being the agent having as its main activity pigmenting our skin, and nothing else.

It is true; of course it does give us skin pigmentation, but it is not its only or main activity. The pigmentation is just one of the simplest task it does, the most relevant task are never mentioned, with fear of awakening and empowering Afrikans. As one of the former American president once said “the awakening and rise of the Afrikan is the decline and doom of the white man.”

But what is melanin after all? There is not a clear universal definition for it, but its function are universally known. It is a very and highly complex chemical structure/molecule which is from brown to most often black in color. It is black to allow its chemical structure to obtain, retain, store, and generate light and sound Energy once it contacts the molecule. This light and sound energy permits the Afrikan to have a higher level of perception and gives him the ability to communicate with the spiritual world. To what extent melanin advantages the Afrikan will not easily be understood, but I am going to outline a few of the more known facts.

Why is it complex? Because as ever present as it is and as a life giver, it can not be analyzed, can not be broken apart, nor can it be fingerprinted; it is still a mystery to modern scientists. Our body is totally the replica of the universe, every single chemical present in this earth can also be found in our bodies. Melanin is also present in all corners of the nature.

The galaxies, the sea, the soil and food, and the womb of our mothers all manifest the presence of this complex chemical substance. Melanin is also present in our internal system and in all parts of our body; hearts, livers, muscles, nerves, intestines, and 12 locations in our brain. It is indeed our mothers who give us melanin once we are still in the womb.

Melanin is the substance responsible for our existence. It is a healer, a "drug" and organizer of major body functions; melanin is a system unto itself. It is present in both sperm and egg and it supervises the growth of the developing fetus. (Browder, 1989, p.91)

When the whites mutated into their present conditions, they grew a bony substance, calcium, on their pineal gland*, thus, restricting them to a very minimum amount, if any, of melanin, and making their pineal gland non functional. Melanin is what makes people human, it connects people with the creative forces of the universe.

Among Eurasians, only a very slight percentage of them are able to produce melanin, well less than 15 per cent. Their only visible melanin is the one existing in their internal system, hair and eyes- in some of them. It is now scientifically proven that out of an Afrikan eye, there can be made over 20 Caucasian eyes. Whites, and sometimes Albinos, are also the most likely people to have melanosis.!

All individuals having melanin in excellence, are blessed with the following capabilities:

1- The ability to reach higher level of performance; as melanin enhances the entire efficiency of our being,

2- The ability to maintain high energy level, in adverse condition. Melanin has the potential to transform solar energy, electro-magnetic energy, electricity, microwaves, music/sound waves, radar, waves, radio TV waves, thermal waves X-rays, cosmic rays, and U.V light; into kinetic energy (energy we derive from food for things like growth and bodily repairs), without the need to eat,

3- The ability to relieve the brain from its responsibility of bodily coordination; as melanin can also supervise physiological functions without the need to report to the brain. As bodily impulse can be supervised by any concentration of melanin, present in the body, this brings about two things. Firstly, there is the acceleration of our bodily responses and reflects, against stimuli. And secondly, there is the heightening of the brain’s faculties to concentrate further on intellectual, emotional and Spiritual matters,

4- The ability to delay the aging process, and protect us from the development of skin cancer. The reflection of melanin in our skins, protects us from the harmful ultra-violet rays of the sun. Melanin absorbs the UV rays, and converts this energy into melanin,

5- Melanin has the miraculous ability to duplicate itself. This is the first chemical which can capture light to reproduce itself. It also can duplicate itself even when the necessary energy sources are unavailable,

Melanin is also what gives us intelligence. Ancients Afrikan mastered the universe to a very high level, they discovered that we, Afrikans, had an innate intelligence that could be measured as being equal to the geometrical angle of the earth = 360 degrees. They developed this intelligence in institutions such as the Mysteries Schools in Khamit (Egypt) and Nubia.
When Khamit was invaded, the Europeans destroyed all these schools and brought most of the materials to Greece. Among Eurasians, the people with most intelligence and higher level of perception and spirituality are members of wicked secret societies such as; the Illuminati, and the Freemasons. Out of the 360 degrees{} that the Afrikans developed in their mysteries school, they (the illuminati/freemason) only managed to obtain 32 degrees. Their brain has limited capacity to store intelligence.

Melanin, the Environment, the cosmos, and science.

White people know all about melanin and what greatness it can produce. They feel as if it was a danger to them. If God is omnipotent, then melanin also has a mighty and unlimited power. It is hereditary and its power never vanish. If our ancestors had this greatness in their genes then we, as their descendant, also have. All of our ancestors’ natural ingenuity and greatness is still dormant in the genes of Afrikans. Hopefully, with knowledge of self and melanin it will be manifested in the near future.

Afrikans have, always viewed the sun as a life giver and a manifestation of god. It as been to us the oldest and natural object o worship. No wonder why the first day of the week was called Sunday, Sun Day. But to other people the sun means death. When the Greek first came to our homeland they called us Aithiopians, meaning the sun burnt people. They knew that we had a special relationship with the sun.

Our natural habitat is and has always been a sunny and warm environment. Cold western environment gives Afrikan people depression. When it is cold a lot of us feel depressed without knowing why. But it is a simple fact; the melanin inside us is manifesting its disapproval of the cold weather. In contrary, Europeans, even if they like summertime to tan themselves, consider the sun as being their worst and natural enemy.

There is a connection between the sun, melanin and some illnesses such as skin cancer, herpes, AIDS, etc. Pale people are the most vulnerable to skin diseases, because of their lack of enough melanin to protect them from the harmful sun rays. Our body, as said earlier, has all the element present in this nature. So when we are wounded or ill and go to the doctor, he does not heal us, the melanin does. The medicines that we take only helps to create the ecology necessary for the body to heal itself, with the help of melanin and many other natrual substances that are found in our bodies.

All these advantages that we can get from melanin can sometimes be no-functional. That is in case we have bad sleeping habit; bad eating habit (Normally we shouldn’t be eating too late, when the pineal gland is producing the melanin. If we have to eat then it better be something light); skin bleaching; relaxing and destroying our hair; exposure to bad, intoxicated, and cold environment, etc.

AIDS, and some Narcotic related diseases present in the Afrikan community world-wide are being said to be white man’s invention. The AIDS and Herpes viruses are activated by ultra-violet light. The composition of drugs such as heroin and crack, which are all man made drugs of course, and of the Herpes and AIDS viruses, has an element very related to melanin; so once they meet they bound, forming a very strong unbreakable alliance.

The image of the cosmos is black; the color black represents life. It holds thousands and thousands of information. It serves as a video camera to record information. Every single information is stored in the cosmos. These information sometimes we receive them in forms of light and sound. Around us there is an invisible magnetic force, which helps us obtain better sound and light waves. That’s why we are always in tune with whatever kind of rhythmic or natural sound.

Melanin and Religion/spirituality.

Even our ancestors possessed a great knowledge about melanin; with it they built great Afrikan civilizations, that started on the Nile Valley and later reached the four corners of the continent, and developed different forms of spirituality to a very high level, which later gave birth to the world’s major religions.

This knowledge has been lost through the cultural and military invasion that we have suffered from our Eurasians enemies, and their destruction of Afrikan institutions of knowledge in their 2500 year relentless warfare against anything Afrikan.

Ancient Afrikans understood that melanin never died and that the most important part of the body was the head, <I>where the melanin is produced. Proof of this can be seen on the wrapping of the mummies. Because they understood and believed on a resurrection after death and an internal life, they were cautious on protecting the head of the deceased. (Diop, 1974)

Thanks to it, as melanin never dies, scholars and scientist were also able to examine and study the melanin present in the mummies and other human remains found in other parts of the world. The conclusion helps us to clarify the Nile Valley Civilization as of Afrikan/black origin, and the origin of the humanity- Afrikans/blacks were the first inhabitant of this planet, all other races/people mutated to their present form.

Melanin has a link with religion and spirituality, as our ancestors discovered. Religion is a white man invention. No word has yet been found in any Afrikan language meaning religion. Afrikans communicate with the spiritual world when we sleep. It occurs naturally. It is the same as when we dream. The third eye or pineal gland, (inner eye) is the eye that serves to give us vision, spirituality, dreams, and necromancy. This eye produces on a daily basis an hormone known as melatonin.

When sleeping time approaches, normally between the our of 10.00 p.m. and 6.00 am, the melatonin is released and it serves to bath the brain and create the molecular condition for this communication- inner vision- to take place.

Melanin produces itself in two forms; epidermal melanin, melatona, and neuro-melanin, ceratona. During the night the pineal gland produces melatona and during the day it produces ceratona. The epidenal melanin has as its main function to take care of the skin, including blocking harmful UV rays, transforming solar energy into melanin, and pigmenting other parts of body. The neuro-melanin deals with the human brain and the nervous system, it is the agent responsible for our colored dreams.

The relationship between man and melatonin is certainly nothing new. The revelations of the Bible and Torah were all inspired by people possessing a high amount of melanin.

A person can live a whole week without drinking water, and two weeks without eating. Once there is a food shortage in our internal system the melanin, well known as the soul, activates itself and takes control of the whole system.

YAHUSHUA, the Christ, stayed 40 days without food, That means that, He must have had a very high spirituality, a very powerful soul/melanin to regulates His internal system. This proves that this brother was definitely an Afrikan.

The physical qualities of melanin described above only represent a fraction of its capabilities. In spiritual realm, the scope of melanin is very extended; so extended that its real potential has not been understood yet by man.

Melanin is what makes human beings be god-like, and gain godly spiritual power and consciousness. Perhaps this is the reason ancient Afrikans believed that we are made in God’s image, with the power and ability to live in harmony with nature.

From what we overstand the spiritual dimension of melanin, give us the ability to;

1- Reach higher level of consciousness. Melanin sharpens our psychological awareness, while giving us a deeper overstanding of life,

2- Maintain a humorous disposition. Melanin has a mild sedative effect, keeping us calm and collected; while generating within us compassion for ourselves and others, and helps to keep us in tune with the environment, and music,

3- Naturally intoxicate our senses. Melanin can induce an altered state of consciousness, giving us the sensation of feeling high, without the need for "drugs",

4- Use a larger percentage, of our brain. It is a known fact most people use approximately 5 per cent of their brain; as their thinking is typically concentrated on the left hemisphere of The brain. However with the gift of melanin, we are able to make use of both sides of our hemisphere.

Religion is a man (Eurasian) made institution, and it will never fully liberate Afrikan people. It was made to empower them and to destroy us and it still does. We are the only people who do fight over other people’s institutions and inventions.

We do fight amongst ourselves without knowing why. When the Eurasians came to enslave us, they converted some of us into their different religious and political ideology, and after more than 2000 years, we are still killing ourselves over their corrupted institutions. This legacy can only be broken by knowing ourstory (past) and acquiring knowledge of self, thus, knowledge of melanin.

Why Corrupted institutions? Corrupted, because none of the world’s major religions originated out of Africa; the foundations of Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhist, etc., all originated in Africa, most of all in the Nile Valley.

This legacy has gotten into the genes of Afrikans and has kept us in obscurity. Melanin is the key to the greatness of the Nile Valley and the rest of the ancient Afrikan civilization. If the ancient Afrikan overstood it and used it, we better so start using it and empower ourselves and our Afrikan family.

Melanin is indeed the key to our spirituality. Spirituality and organization are the key to our liberation. There are no historical records that document Afrikan people using religion such as Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, etc., to successfully liberate themselves or to manage to totally defeat their evil slavemaster. (4)

Afrikan spirituality, which has existed ever since we were Created, Started worshiping God, and admiring the beauty and complexity of the universe, is the only key to our survival. Our ancestors mastered the sciences of the cosmos , and spirituality to a level where they were able to shift their shape; change their physical body into an animal one.

Many documented cases of shape shifting in Afrika, Haiti, etc., is the proof that we haven’t lost completely this science yet. With the help of our nature-given gift, melanin -the essence of our existence and humanity- we can awaken our minds and create a liberation fight that will consist of all aspects of our lives, starting with our minds.

Afrikans in Haiti used Afrikan spirituality, ancestral worship, and organization and managed to defeat the evil French slavemasters. France, with Napoleon, was at the time one of the most powerful military force in the world. Their had superior military contingent and mighty weaponry and other war materials.

But they were defeated by a superior force, a force that they did not possess and had never seen before. Afrikans used Pan-Afrikan forms of worship such as Voodoo etc. All this could not have been effective if they did not have the means (melanin) to communicate with the Spiritual world.

(As Rastas we are also familiar with the word Nyabinghi, Which was the name of a legendary Amazon Queen, who was said to have possessed an Ugandian woman named Muhumusa in the 19th century. Muhumusa inspired a Spiritual and Military movement, rebelling against European colonial authorities.)

How do we acquire spiritual consciousness? The black dot, the pineal gland, opens itself and establishes a link with the outer space and spiritual world. But before all this can take place the individual need to satisfy some basic requirement.

Melanin is also present in the genital organisms of the black man and woman. This is the point of departure of our inner breathing, thus, spirituality. When it departs the genitals, it makes few stops before reaching the black dot; below our breast and a few centimeters above our breast.

It goes in a form of a spiral. Our soul and spirit spiral in a form of a serpent. So does the cosmos, the universe, our black hair, etc. A clear example is when we throw something in the water; the object hits the water and it forms a spiral movement. This spiral or serpent like movement of the cosmos and spirituality was well know to ancient Afrikans.

This is what they called kuminaini.! The pharaohs in Khamit/Egypt, always had golden serpent image right in the middle of their forehead, where the black dot is located. We activate our pineal gland (melanin) through prayer, meditation, breathing exercises, martial arts, good diet, fasting, dancing, singing, proper love making+ , etc., anything that can help one get in touch with the inner self.

The only danger is that for most of us, once the reach the stage of high consciousness, we do not know what to do with the power that we possess, so we become materialist, envious, jealous, etc. It is our turn to look into ourselves, realize and overstand the gift that JAH put on us, melanin, and start working for our liberation.

The war that brother Richard king described must be fought in both individual and collective level. Lets learn and prepare our future. As we acquire more knowledge about melanin, let’s not rely on other people to do the job that we can easily do ourselves.

“We cannot expect non-melaninated people to explain to us, or even overstand something which themselves do not possess. As our knowledge of melanin increases we will gain more insight into ourselves, both spiritually and physically.

But they key is that the knowledge must come from US. We must develop the scientist, sociologist, and institution necessary to carry out the research to expand our overstanding of melanin...the key to life, the key to our spirituality, our greatness, our liberation and our link with JAH.

Tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today, so lets use our melanin, embrace it, and use it not only to liberate ourselves but also to help us prepare our tomorrow , and most importantly the future of our children, race, and the whole humanity. But let also be aware that some of our own brothers and sisters do not work for the interest of our afrikan race.



0 A study was once done to children of all parts of the world between the ages of 0 to 24 months old. The purpose of the study was to find out whether if there was a genetic link to people’s abilities in nature and the cosmos. To the surprise of the Europeans scholars , the Afrikan child dominated, in all aspects, his Caucasian counterpart. The following results, in average, were obtained:

Babies; - Being drawn up unto a sitting position, able to prevent the head from falling backward: Black Child: 9 hours old White Child: 6 weeks old

- With the Head held firmly, looking at the face of the examiner: Black Child: 2 days old White Child: 8 weeks old

- Supporting him/herself in a sitting position and watching his reflexes inn the mirror: Black Child: 7 weeks old White Child: 20 weeks old

- Holding him/herself upright: Black Child: 5 months old White Child: 9 months old.

- Age at which the hid knew his/her own name: Black Child: 8 months old White Child: 14 months old.

- Age at which the child could use three or more words appropriately: Black Child: 10 months old White Child: 12 months old

- Climbing the steps alone: Black Child: 11 months old White Child: 15 months old

- Standing against the mirror: Black Child: 5 months old White Child: 9 months old.

The conclusion from this and other comparatives studies, of black and white children in Afrika, Europe and America, was that the Afrikan child is significantly advanced over the white child up to at least the age of two. After this age society steps in an introduces the child with new dimension of values and intelligence. And if these new values and dogma do not find a way to live in harmony with the natural qualities and culture of the child, they get trapped in the genes without full manifestation. Bad diet also plays a great part to the fact of an individual not being able to manifest all his natural and God-given qualities .

1. White people have a long history and legacy of cannibalism. It is no wonder that they still like to eat their food raw, especially bloody meat. Having a natural and hostile environment as their habitat, they were obliged to live with their old people in the same caves, where they developed a genetically transmitted and social ideology of not only white supremacy but also of ‘Genetics’.

It simply means: the fittest of the fittest survives. This ideology is still present in their genes in the 20th century; it was revived and enforced to a great extent by Hitler, who saw the blond population as being the fittest and superior among all the people. With the scarcity of food that rewarded their hostile habitat, their were obliged to torture and finally eat the old and weaker people among them; cannibalism in its worst sense.

2. For more information read: Cheikh Anta Diop, The African Origin of Civilization : Myth or Reality, Chicago: Lawrence Hill Books, 1974. ______________ The Cultural Unity of Black Africa, London: Karnak House, 1989

3. Taken from chapter 8 (The Esoteric Factors of the Cress Theory) of Dr. Richard king’s book ; The Afrikan Origin Of Biological Psychiatry, published by Seymour Smith Inc., 1980

4. The only historical documentation that I am aware of is when the warrior Queen Nzinga Mbandi of the kikongo kingdom used, although she didn’t accept or embrace it, Catholicism as a mean to liberate her people. She was baptized by the Portuguese and given the Latin name of Ana. A lot of people still commit the mistake of calling her Ann Nzingha, when in fact, her real name is Nzinga Mbandi.

5. Browder, Anthony, From The Browder File: 22 Essays on the African American Experience, Washington, I.K.G, 1989, p. 95

Great thread!


peace and hotep,

Jahwitness, please expound more upon this:

"The composition of drugs such as heroin and crack, which are all man made drugs of course, and of the Herpes and AIDS viruses, has an element very related to melanin; so once they meet they bound, forming a very strong unbreakable alliance."

what element are you refering to?


ahhh blackstatically well researched and well documented,because melamin is dark matter and matter is energy and energy is part of the universe,sound,wave cause and effect,everything came out of the darkness,assante sane for that brilliant research brother! [smiley=2thumbsup.gif]

I was going to make a longer post but my computer had crashed and I must be getting sleep. I will make this short. I am a white male my self 18 years old now and with white skin which is pale and I don't mind at all. You make me sick. Your facts about egypts parallel white supremicists views of the vastly superiour europeon civlization to other parts of the world. Both sides haveing a superiourity complex. Your just a racist no diffrent from the rest. We are essentially the same being humans are MORE ALIKE than diffrent than you would even know. You are wrong it is because of adaption to enviourment that we develop lighter or darker skin as humans evolve they naturally adjust to their enviourment as africans with black skin and whites with pale being in the northern climates. As for your talk about southern europeons you are completly wrong again. My dad is southern italian the Arabian invasion of Italy did not have a major effect on the racial make up. Southern europeons have tan skin because they are of the mediteraneon ethnic group within the white race. That is why they have tan skin and you may even see many white american people with tan skin it goes beyond color it is race. 25% of Britian itself is made up of tan skinned caucasions and this is not including any arabians.

If blacks where so superiour with their melanin why are they in such a position of weakness in africa today? Answer me that if they are so supeiour why do they continue to struggle in America. Blacks are strugeling all over the world brainwashed by the system. Surley your melanin and high spiritual abilities should over come that. We are all the same blacks,whites,asians we are of the human kind. Their will always be a victim as humans have been at war since the beggining. Their is good and evil in all races and once power is obtained it would eventually be used for evil purposes. Your purley religious dogmatic views help nothing even religion teaches us to love all not look down on each other like you are doing with whites let go of your hate. Your brainwashed little one and your african superiourity complex does you no good only clinging to hates of a former oppressor in a past time where as oppression today is certinley not like it was in the 1900's or 50's. The black race is not and never will be superiour to the white race from a racial stand point and neither will the white race we are all human. YOU MUST UNDERSTAND THAT. Brianwashed beyond help.

{Im sorry for all the very poor spelling its 2 am and Im extremely tired ive been typing very fast}


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