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Author Topic: BROWN SKIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (Read 13301 times)
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« on: October 15, 2008, 07:22:05 AM »

Greetins to all inna name of HIM Jah Rastafari.
In places like in some parts of Europe and the Americas white is very distinguishable from the black.
I and I live in Seychelles which is considered part of the African continent.
We have a multuracial system exactly like Jamaica only much smaller...
I do have dreadlocks I am Rasta since creation it is I and I culture, I occupy a governmental post; but there are some brothers and sisters
who are very dark skinned who pass racist remarks because I am a lighter brown (different shade of black).
Is there anyone out there who goes through the same?HuhHuhHuh?? I do not think its fair since I would describe my skin colour like that of Empress Menen but I and I features are more African (she has a sharp nose) than hers.
It should not matter what shade of skin Jah has given u to transport the spirit in this life. Black is not a colour it is a state of mind it is the highest form of spirituality. There are not many black people left. Jah dash a faya pon dem white-inna-black-skin-doubleminded-antiafricanists whereby the spirit of God have long departed from them. 400 years slavery recorded history. But research has proven africa has been ravaged since 9000 bc, its not I and I fault that melanin concentration has dropped a bit. So be ot that you are black,white,brown,yellow,red........ if you look DEEP inside yourself you will see Ethiopia africa because thats where all things started and whre it will finish..
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« Reply #1 on: October 28, 2008, 11:23:40 AM »

Mo fiya pon dem bom*****s...


I'm not rastafari, but would love to learn mo abt it. I'm dark skinned and have a slim built (it's my genes). People (light-skinned and heavy built) always make fun of me. I've come to the realization that it's part of life that people will talk regardless of how you look. But my problem is that we use eurocentric standards to discriminate.

I'm always asked, why dont you wear make-up to show you're a woman or appreciate yourself. And this includes, everything from the hottest guys, latest trends, fake hair, nails - the list is endless. We know that.
I'm proud to be African and dark-skinned. I think the best gift by far from the Most High Him/Herself.  Smiley

It aint easy being who we ought to be, stay true to thyself.
I do not think its fair since I would describe my skin colour

Skin color has always been a major problem, since we know what...But now we are dealing with colorism
It was never meant to be that way, but it is. Those people are just as ignorant as their white-couterparts. Which hurts even more...can you imagine is we said that no light-skinned, black (African) person could be follow the Rastafari movement?

Our conscienceness is built upon the current supremist system, therefore it is of vital importance we be careful how we as (African) people relate to one another. i.e. Our conscienceness is not the same as our forefathers' one, though it is one way.

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« Reply #2 on: November 25, 2008, 07:16:31 PM »

brown skin
i'm talking 'bout yo brown skin
i dont know where yo'z beginz
i dont know where mine endz

where are
YOU girls from
maybe mississippi or some island.....

sorry but i cant help myself, im in a terrific mood!!!!!!!!!!

ps- lyrics form 'brown skin' idie arie.

We look neither left nor right, but forward.
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« Reply #3 on: June 22, 2009, 07:53:37 PM »

With regards to the human body of Africans their will only be positive reasons for the existence of physical traits because you are of original existence. Therefore nature or God must provide you with traits to enhance your existence as a life force as you African gave birth to all the races. Now know that the gases that are breathed in through the nose are filtered for purity (unlike the mouth). Africans need more oxygen intake when dealing with biological development of adjustment (more than any other race) because extra gases are needed from nature to assist the melanin within the biological system. This is especially important through a woman’s pregnancy. More genetic information is needed in an African (darker skinned) women through pregnancy to upgrade the child’s biological reaction to the suns rays. The basic template is Albinoism (the lack of melanin) similar to Caucasians though they generally have even less genetic information governing their skin. The lack of genetic information forces tissues to mutate leading to cancer. For darker skin more information is needed to be stored within the oxygen and hydrogen and water within the human body which interacts with the DNA /RNA profiles. Different brain signals are needed for darker skinned races when dealing with an issue such as the skin’s reaction to the sun. The Africans indigenous broader nose by nature was designed to take in more etheric information (within oxygen) making the purifying of melanin and the general movement of oxygen more accessible in the body. People with broader noses in a lifetime take in hundreds of tons of more oxygen and water than those of thin noses. It is specifically people with darker skin that need more oxygen because their genetics require additional information to protect them from certain natural diseases like skin cancer or other skin related illnesses. They always tell the masses that you are what you eat but they always forget to tell you that you are also what you breath and drink. The broader nose was given to you by nature / god to help you survive sun cycles (which we have just entered now).
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« Reply #4 on: February 06, 2010, 10:42:25 AM »

Interesting about the oxygen intake, the narrow nose of SOME white europeans has been attributed to cold weather climate adaptation (ice cold air needing to be restrained in flow in order not to damage respiratory system).  However, inuits, et al (eskimos) have broad flat noses and live in the coldest places on earth.  A great arctic explorer was an African who ventured with one of the famous euro explorers, especially greenland but he had semi modern protection and did not live there year round.He did have inuit offspring though.  I know from personal experience that some white people are forced to mouth breath as a consequence of this , often combined with sleep disorders and allergic conditions and this is very damaging itself to the respiratory system.  My nose is quite narrow and I find it problematic at times.  In fact, I hate cold weather and breath better in hot humid air!  Good in the ocean though, where mouth breathing is essential to swimming effectively.  Skin cancer is a problem.  Sometimes I think our best environment is an artificial one or for life undergound for extended periods.  All very touchy sujbects whenever race, "evolution" and whatnot are discussed in this way.  N8
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