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« on: July 06, 2009, 11:16:38 AM »

Neo-Coloniasts Running Out of Excuses To Keep the Stranglehold on Lado, Central Africa... 

By Britt Bartenbach -- Press Officer 


The U.S. Senate is vigorously debating the situation in the ancient Kingdom Lado located in the Upper Nile Valley in the heart of Central Africa. 


Fierce fighting have recently been taking place to defend Lado against Ugandan and U.S. And British Commonwealth led troops creating havoc in the most natural resources rich provinces in Lado. 


The debate in the U.S. Senate comes as a reaction to news articles, especially in the New York Times, disclosing that the U.S. is actively involved in rendering both Financial Aid and Military Expertise to Military Operations in the Uele and Ituri Regions, of which the latter is erroneously referred to as "Eastern Congo. 


These two provinces are Lado Land (Uele is West Central Lado bordering the C.A.R., Central African Republic, and Ituri is just south of Uele with its regional capital Bunia). 


Coloniasts Erased Lado from the Map


The main Obstacle to open the Eyes of the World to the Plight of Lado is that the Lado name ("The Lado Enclave" or "Equatoria Province of Egypt") was erased from the Map by the British in 1947 to cover up for their Occupation of Lado - a Joint and Unlawful Occupation which they share with Belgium.   


The Objective was also to erase the Memory of Lado from the Minds of the Lado People and to deny Lado the chance of regaining her Status in the U.N. General Assembly as a Sovereign Nation State", says the Agofe of Lado Onzima II, King John Bart Agami who leads the Lado Provisional Government from his Refuge in Copenhagen, Denmark. 


Lado 'Blessed' with  Enormous Natural Resources



Another major obstacle to Restore the Independence of Lado is the fact that Lado is 'blessed' with enormous Natural Resources, but this is a Blessing which has disguised itself in the most abominable Cloak of Oppression and bloody insurgencies form Lado's neighbours to the East, i.e. British Controlled Uganda and Kenya who are joined by forces from Rwanda and South Africa. 



The Insurgents are all Governed by the British Commonwealth who has never succeeded in Colonising Lado and has never Forgiven the Lado People their 'ingratitude' in Refusing the British 'Offer' to Surrender their Ancestral Land, their Natural Resources and their Freedom to the British Crown", explains King Agami. 

European Coalition Troops  Led by U.S. Invaded Lado :  1871


Britain has so far been Supported by the U.S. who in 1871 led an Invasion Force consisting of European Coalition Troops from Britain, Italy, France and Belgium to Occupy Lado. In 1875 all these countries, joined by Germany and Austria, sat around the Conference Table at the Paris Conference where they Agreed to Divide the African Nations between them and Enslave the African Populations in their own Homelands and Ship out their Natural Resources to Europe.and the U.S. 


This method is still working successfully today since most of the African Countries in what the Paris Conference dubbed "Terre Nulles" ("The Zero Continent") are under the Dominion of one of the old European Colonial Powers, or they are the Pawns of the IMF (International Monetary Fund) which Controls the Money Flow of the socalled 'Developing Countries'. 


The British Cannot Swallow Their Pride

It is extremely difficult for the British and her Friends to swallow their Pride and step down from their High Horse and realise that their time as 'Rulers of the Waves' and 'Masters of the World' are over", says the King, who points out that the real reason for not recognising Lado's Right to Sovereignty is that they want to Own and Control all the Natural Resources of Lado. 


They do not seem to understand or respect that in our Day and Age the accepted thing to do is to enter into Negotiations to land Lucrative Contracts for Concessions to usurp or purchase Minerals or Commodities from the Rightful Owners, who in our case are the Lado People who have an Ancestral Right to their Land and to the Riches in their Underground". 

Britain Invents Excuses To Keep Their Hold on Lado

King Agami goes on to reveal the Excuses that the British Neo-Colonists have Invented to Justify their Hold on Lado: "Britain's Excuse for keeping her Stranglehold on Lado is manifold and is defined into five points", the King stresses and reveals:   

1) To 'Secure' the Water Supply of the Nile and the Tributaries for the 'Protection of Egypt'.

2) To 'Protect' the Nile-Congo Watershed for 'World Peace'.

3) To 'Preserve' and 'Protect' the Strategic Minerals, I.e. Gold, Diamonds, Oil, Uranium, Copper, Cobolt and Colton which are not to be left 'in the hands of Irresponsible Africans'.

4) The location of the Upper Nile Valley (Lado) is of 'Strategic Importance' to 'Protect' African Interests.

5) To maintain Culture and Civilisation by using English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic which are rejected by the Authorities of Lado, in particular by the Agofes as these Languages/Cultures have been forced upon us by Foreign Occupiers whose only Interest it is to Annihilate us all or Enslave us so they can Devour everything for themselves. 

Bush Controlled Businesses Behind Fighting in Lado


Behind the recent fighting in Lado's Uele Region's Garam ba Forest - a dense jungle the size of Denmark - is Big Business, among others the Canadian based Barrick Gold Corporation which is under the Control of the Bush Family and Board Chairman and former U.S. President George Herbert Bush, Senior.   


It is no longer a Secret", says King Agami, " that the only reason for the British and the U.S. Engagements in Lado, Central Africa, is their insatiable Greed and their increasing Need for Oil and other Minerals. Without these Resources they cannot maintain their Lead in the World, and so they believe they are Justified in either Bullying or Bribing Lado's Neighbours and the Rebel Group SPLA (Sudanese People's Liberation Army) to Harass Lado and Terrorise our Citizens ".   

Chasing the Ghost of LRA in Lado


The newfound Excuse of the Neo-Colonists is to Pretend to be fighting the Ugandan Rebel Organisation Army  ( LRA )  based in Northern Uganda, the LRA (Lord's Resistance Army), but there's not even a Shadow of the LRA in Lado", says the King who compares the chase to the hunt for the 'Abominable Snowman' in the Himalayas.   


Never the less they keep chasing the Ghost of LRA in the Mineral Rich Uele and Ituri Regions of Lado where they have been Defeated and forced to Withdraw. So while they are playing the great Pretending Game fighting the Imaginary Shadow of LRA on Lado Territory and are Pretending to be Protecting the Lado Civilian Population, they are Burning our Villages, Bombing our Towns and Killing and Maiming our Men, Women and Children without Mercy".     


LRA " Uganda Lord Resistence Army "  Falsely Accused of Atrocities in Lado


These British Commonwealth and U.S. Controlled Troops aided by the SPLA are Responsible for the Atrocities which they are falsely accusing the LRA of having Committed, and they are Responsible for the Abduction of our Children who are used as Sex Slaves or Child Soldiers", says the King. 



The latest Military Operation in Uele, which was referred to in the New York Times, was launched from Uganda under U.S. And British Command on 5 December 2008, and for the first time it was publicly revealed that the Operation was carried out with U.S. Financial Support and Military Expertise. 


U.N. Secretary General In Lado to Investigate Situation


The Insurgency prompted the Agofe to send a Letter of Complaint 5 January 2009 to the U.N. Security Council and the U.N. Secretary General, Mr. Ban Kee Moon, who personally travelled to Lado's Uele Region and the Uele Capital Dungu to get a first-hand view of the situation and Inspect the Damages for himself.   


The Lado Question is already a 'Hot Potato' in the U.S. State Department and the British Foreign Office who are well aware that the Question is being Prepared by the U.N. Committee for Voting in the U.N. General Assembly. 


Several U.N. Member Countries Pressing for Lado Independence now .


A growing number of countries, who are members of the U.N., are now Pressing for the Lado Issue to come to the U.N. General Assembly, and they will act in Favour of the Restoration of the State of Lado without any further Delay", says King Agami who adds that they Key Element blocking for the Lado Question to reach the U.N. General Assembly is they Western European Union WEU which was formed 17 March 1948. 


The  WESTERN EUROPEAN ( WEU )  members are: Britain, Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, and their Objective is to Protect their Interests which are mainly in Africa. 


WESTERN EUROPE   " WEU " Interests in Africa at the Core of the Obstacle To Lado Independence


The WEU interests in Africa is the Core of the Obstacle to Independence for Lado because these countries, their Allies and their Business Partners are Blocking for the Independence of Lado, and that is why they are able to keep up their Stranglehold on Lado, Central Africa", says King John Bart Agami.   


So it will be interesting to see what will be the next Lousy Excuse to Invade Lado and Attempt to Occupy Lado in order to Grab the large Gold Reserves in the Uele Region which these interests are so Desperate to lay their Hands on", concludes the King. 

Some Reading Materials to links on  www.odidia.com

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« Reply #1 on: July 30, 2009, 07:12:28 PM »

the alphabet soup of unions is getting complicated.  they have the eu which is preceeded by a still existing weu?  how many "unions" can there possibly be? as usual, informative.n8
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