A caged bird...


I wanna be free
I wanna sing
being incarcerated...catalyst for negativity
I donít want to compromise who I am
To make you feel good about yourself
But hey....i guess thatís what the capitalist cruel world does to you
Sit down
I sit up all night, restless
Trying to figure out how to escape this ill society
On every imaginable type of sphere
Class, race, gender, beauty...carry on
Take it from here, from me
This fast pace living is really keeping me out of balance
Tears keep streaming down my cheeks
Although i enjoy the warmth of your embrace
I cant stop them from falling
Everything...a lie...
The truth has been distorted...
Compromising myself, yet not by choice at times
Sick of seeking temporary/unrealistic feelings to face the reality i see
Consciousness is a burden at times
Having the third eye activated and my higher sense kills the positivity in seeing all things bright & wonderful
My spirit dampened daily
How much more can i give to you when you keep rejecting me
Keep throwing everything back in my face
I give all in the name of love
Of wanting to see your smile
Im jaded...dreams faded...for so long Iíve waited
My soul is starting to give in


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