Hello I am a new member of this forum and i just wanted to tell my story of how I got here.
My real name is Zachary Zhang, I am 16 and currently struggling with my life. Its hard to happy with so much downpression from others. I have always had problems with Inequality. Me, being Half-Asian in a White Majority city. Many harsh words have come against me and my family. This is to be expected though, Not everyone in this good world is so good. In the past few weeks I have done lots if research in The rastafari way, reggae, Dub, and African culture in general. In a way some of the research gave me comfort. I felt strangely attracted to the rastafari way of living. I have also smoked ganja before but, I had never really Connected to Jah by smoking... until a few days ago When i had a vision of a cross in rasta-color, I also heard a voice speaking a language that sounded almost like Spanish. The overwhelming sense of purpose filled my body. This only lasted a few seconds, (maybe 15 tops,) But i felt connected to Jah. After i spent lots of time pecificly researching the rastafari way. And now here I am. So I hope that I will be welcomed with open arms here.

Thanks for your time!

Well partake as you see fit ,I have never smoked marijuana so I cannot say what benefits can be derived from it.You can check out the other messages there are lots in there to edify you.


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